Why do you need a hole in the cap from a ballpoint pen

How a hole in a cap from a ballpoint pen saved thousands of lives.

Perhaps, many paid attention that in the cap of almost all ballpoint pens there is an additional hole. But not many people know what it is for. But thanks to him, thousands of human lives were saved!

For the first time, a cap with a hole appeared a quarter of a century ago - in 1991, BIC launched pens with new caps on the market. Most buyers simply did not pay attention to this improvement. But according to statistics, it is precisely thanks to this innovation that every year more than 1000 adults and children of all ages are saved. But the thing is as follows.
The cap is an important part of a ballpoint pen.

Both children and adults often, thinking or bored while writing, like to chew on the cap on the pen. Sometimes it happens that a person accidentally swallows this small part from the handle, and the cap is in the respiratory trachea. And here the saving function of the cap is turned on - the hole allows oxygen to pass through while the person is waiting for medical care.
Rescue cap.

The idea of ​​BIC also appealed to other manufacturers of ballpoint pens, and today such holes are made by almost all companies. So, it would seem, the simplest idea saves hundreds and thousands of human lives.
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