Designer auto searches: BMW 3 Series did a facelift

BMW 3 Series did a facelift

As you know, everything new is well forgotten old. This is exactly what happened with the BMW 3 Series, the designers thoroughly worked on the appearance of which. And what happened after this "cosmetic surgery", see for yourself.
Gran Turismo - half-hatchback-half-sedan.

Small off-road coupes and miniature urban models in the style of “a car is not a luxury but a vehicle” are not at all a priority for companies such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes. This niche was perfectly covered by the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo - a half-hatchback-half-sedan, which was born in 2013. Now the Germans decided that it was time to make a cosmetic update of this model.
Car after upgrade.

Despite this mix of styles in the Series GT 3, it is clearly a success. Over 3 years, more than 130 thousand cars have been sold worldwide. Therefore, the company decided not to radically change anything.
Outwardly, it is immediately noticeable that the LED headlights and taillights were redone to better combine with the company's new corporate design. You can also notice the new trunk, which is more effectively integrated pop-up spoiler. It is worth noting that BMW is particularly proud of this spoiler, stating that it automatically rises at a speed of 110 km / h.
A car with a spoiler that rises at speed.

Another feature is the practicality of the car. It does not look like a station wagon, but its boot volume is 520 liters (or as much as 1600 liters with the rear seats folded down). This is more than enough for most families to transport bikes, dogs and picnic equipment on weekends.
And under the hood in a new way.

As usual, BMW made sure to provide a full range of active safety features in the 3 Series GT, from automatic emergency braking to a system to keep the car in the right lane. Better materials were used inside the cabin to try to keep up with the new Audi A4, but the BMW interior still looks a bit outdated compared to its competitor.
Updated optics.

The choice of engine will vary depending on the country of sale, but you can expect the usual range of engines of the 3rd series, which starts with a 3-cylinder turbo and ends with a new 3.0-liter inline six.
Prices should remain at the level of the current "troika", i.e. they will start at $ 43,995.
Recall that BMW celebrates 100th anniversary with live concept. Very interesting model!

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