Cars of the year 2057. Los Angeles concept car show.

Volkswagen SlipStream, the car of the future

For the third year already, the Auto Show Design Challenge has been held in Los Angeles, at which all the largest representatives of the global automotive industry present amazing concept cars that, in their opinion, will drive along the roads of the future. This year was no exception. The presented models are not burdened by such stupid frameworks as engineering capabilities and a limited budget. Pure fantasy flight. Enough words, let's open the curtain of time, maybe Moscow will be filled with just such cars in just 20 years.

Audi Virtuea Quattro
Audi Virtuea Quattro, the car of the future

This car is designed for one person and is powered by environmentally friendly hydrogen. The main feature of this concept car is a holographic appearance, which the owner will be able to customize according to his own understanding. Hundreds of color combinations and body models can be combined into an infinite number of variations. The concept was developed at the Audi / Volkswagen Design Center in California.
GM OnStart ANT
GM OnStart ANT, the car of the future

The idea of ​​Grand Motors was total safety and adaptation to the roads. The ant (the name of the concept is translated) will be able to feel the condition of the track 3 kilometers ahead and take appropriate maneuvers so that the trip is comfortable. Movement will be possible thanks to the Nanorb wheel system, which consists of three independent wheels, with their help the movement of the Ant will be possible in absolutely any direction.
It only seems to me that in Russian conditions this car will stop after a hundred meters and will panic spin in place. Because I doubt that even by the time it will be possible to mass-produce this car, the roads in Moscow will finally be repaired.
Mazda MotoNari RX
Mazda MotoNari RX, the car of the future

Mazda not only presented its unusual concept, but also accompanied it with all possible documentation, including even the recommended cost. When (and if) you have the opportunity to buy such a car, you will be given a special device that will help you better feel the road. Millions of tiny heads will send electrical impulses to your muscles, transmitting all the bumps in the road. I think, for the same reasons as the previous car, this concept car will not take root in Russia. And God forbid you have an accident in this car.
Honda Power Four
Honda Power Four, the car of the future

One feels something Japanese in this concept. In fact, these are four cars in one. While you are on the way with your colleagues, you drive the whole car. But at any time you can separate from them and go about their business, and they - according to their own. The value of such an opportunity remains a mystery to me, but maybe in other countries this particular function of transformers is so lacking in cars?
Mercedes-Benz SilverFlow
Mercedes-Benz SilverFlow, the car of the future

And Mercedes immediately decided two main problems of motorists: how to close dents and where to put the car. The entire body of their car is a magnetic connection that can restore its shape with a single click on the alarm key fob or inside the car. In addition, a car can turn into a pool of liquid metal, which is much easier to store than a full-size car. He put it in a bucket and put it in a corner of the hallway.
Nissan OneOne
Nissan OneOne, the car of the future

Nissan decided to cross the car with the animal, and that's what they did. This animal car is driven by a multitude of synthetic muscles that move its legs exactly like skiing. If you increase the speed, the cabin will go down to reduce air resistance, and if you decrease, then, on the contrary, it will rise to improve handling. In Nisan itself, this car was given the affectionate nickname "family pet."
Toyota Biomobile MECHA
Toyota Biomobile MECHA, the car of the future

Toyota looks at issues of waste management a little differently, so she proposed a concept car that works just from garbage. Another feature of the car should be nano-technology. In particular, wheels made of nano-lasers will allow the car to drive in any direction, and the body will expand and modify according to the needs of the driver. If you try, you can even provide yourself a berth. The point is small - to master nano-technologies to such a level, but the Japanese can do it, I’m sure of that.
Volkswagen SlipStream
Volkswagen SlipStream, the car of the future

It is not surprising that the monster became the winner of a fantastic exhibition of concept cars, which doesn’t even understand where the driver sits, where are the wheels and what it is at all. The description says that the car may vary depending on external conditions. If he has to drive around the city, the car will rise to its maximum position. This will reduce the size of the car and increase maneuverability. And if he is forced to conquer the freeway, he will fall to the lowest possible position and will be able to reach speeds of up to 250 miles per hour, while you calmly lean back in the chair and control this wonderful monster.
And most importantly, he is going to work on solar panels. No more gas stations with ever-rising prices!
Of course, now all these cars, capable of changing shape and turning into liquid metal, look like pure fantasy. But think about it, a century and a half ago everyone laughed at carts without horse-drawn power, and today life without them is simply impossible.

Watch the video: Robocar 2057 (February 2020).

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