10 new devices that will make the kitchen truly “smart”

Smart and enjoyable kitchen device: home brewery "BrewArt BeerDroid".

Today, smart kitchen appliances and appliances are gaining ground. Many of them work on Bluetooth technology and are equipped with Wi-Fi. A coffee machine that can be turned on remotely, an alarm clock that recognizes voice commands - today almost everyone can afford such devices. In this review, the most interesting gadgets that will appear on the market this year.

1. BrewArt BeerDroid Home Brewery

Smart kitchen device: "BrewArt BeerDroid".

price: ~ 800 $
"BrewArt BeerDroid" is a fully automated machine that can be used to make your favorite beer in the comfort of your home. The machine can brew 10 liters after a simple push of a button. To get started, you need to connect the brewery online to your smartphone, and then download the iOS or Android app to get started.
Once the connection is established, you can control the brewing, as well as receive notifications and updates throughout the process. A bright LCD screen makes it easy to track status, temperature, and other important information.
- compatibility with Android and iOS devices;
- cooking starts with a simple click of a button;
- Large, bright LCD screen.

- compatible only with 110v outputs;
- high cost;
- a relatively weak crane.

2. Smart crock-pot Crock-Pot Wemo

Smart kitchen device: Crock-Pot Wemo.

price: ~ 85 $
While many owners value the ability to constantly “keep in touch” with their microwave, Crock-Pot Wemo can really be useful outside the home. For example, its owner can monitor the cooking process from almost anywhere, regardless of whether soup was delivered to cook until the person left for work, or if he simply left the kitchen to clean the apartment while the multicooker was cooking dinner.
All you need to get started is a device with the iOS or Android operating system, as well as a reliable Internet connection. Then you need to use the WeMo app to plan and control the cooking process. Moreover, you can even make adjustments as necessary and get notified when the food is ready.
- compatibility with Android and iOS devices;
- pairing with the WeMo application for complete control;
- cooking can be controlled both at home and outside.

- A number of complaints about poor Wi-Fi signal reception;
- there is no lockable cover;
- The timer can only be viewed through the application.

3. Vacuum oven "Nomiku Circulator"

Smart kitchen device: "Nomiku WiFi Sous Vide Immersion Circulator".

price: ~ 195 $
This vacuum oven supports Wi-Fi and syncs with smartphones running Android and iOS. In addition, the application can be used from almost anywhere, even if a person is not at home. After connecting, you can control the cooking progress and plan ahead with the help of programmed recipes. "Nomiku Circulator" has a bright frontal LCD screen.
- compatible with Android and iOS phones;
- LCD screen makes it easy to track progress;
- Heats water quickly.

- large size of the furnace;
- it may take some time to reach the exact temperature with a large amount of water;
- high cost.

4. Blender "NutriBullet Balance"

Smart kitchen device: "NutriBullet Balance".

price: ~ 180 $
NutriBullet Balance provides the same level of performance and excellent results as other NutriBullet Balance blenders. However, this blender is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. After connecting it, you just need to download the application to get started. The phone will “chat” with the blender to create the perfect recipe, provide nutrition information, make changes as needed to suit personal tastes, and more.
A powerful 1200-watt motor quickly crushes even seeds and frozen fruits. The blender also has a sturdy rubber base, an insulated shell and an LED power button. Integrated scales weigh the ingredients as they are added, so you can follow your favorite recipes exactly.
- Bluetooth connection;
- engine power of 1200 watts;
- LED power button.

- high cost;
- the application is not very optimized;
- not available in larger size.

5. Kettle "Smarter Electric iKettle"

Smart kitchen device: "Smarter Electric iKettle".

price: ~ 150 $
"Smarter Electric iKettle" is a WiFi-enabled kettle that can be connected to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, as well as to other home smart devices. After the application is configured, you can use your phone to boil water, set the temperature of the water and set the kettle so that the water starts to boil as soon as the alarm rings.
Convenient home mode ensures that the water boils exactly to return home. If the person is delayed, the standby mode of the kettle will maintain the water temperature for up to 40 minutes.
- Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa;
- alarm clock and home mode for added convenience;
- in standby mode, the water temperature is maintained up to 40 minutes

- short power cord;
- high cost;
- There are several complaints of minor temperature inconsistencies.

6. Coffee maker "Nespresso Expert Espresso"

Smart kitchen device: "Nespresso Expert Espresso".

price: ~ 380 $
Smart Bluetooth technology makes it easy to connect your Nespresso Expert Espresso espresso machine to your smartphone. Devices are supported on both iOS and Android. Once connected, you can use a coffee maker to make personalized coffee using Nespresso capsules.
You can also schedule cooking times, start cooking remotely, and order more capsules when supplies are running out. This espresso machine heats up in less than 30 seconds and offers a choice between medium, hot and additional hot water temperatures.
- intelligent Bluetooth technology;
- support for iOS and Android devices;
- Heats up in less than 30 seconds.

- can only be used with special Nespresso capsules;
- the controls are not very intuitive;
- Incomplete leadership.

7. Scales "Perfect Smart Drink PRO Smart Scale"

Smart kitchen device: "Perfect Smart Drink PRO Smart Scale".

price: ~ 100 $
"Perfect Smart Drink PRO Smart Scale" is a fun and fast way to make your favorite cocktails at home. The gadget is compatible with iOS and Android devices, as well as Amazon Nook. If the buyer does not know where to start, then there are more than 400 recipes in the application that comes with his services. Scales help to make cocktails, weighing each ingredient when added, and warn when the ingredient according to the recipe is enough.
- weighing the ingredients as they are added;
- alerts tell you when to stop;
- The application includes more than 400 recipes.

- It’s a little difficult to enter recipes manually;
- a small capacity means that it may take longer to service large companies;
- A few mentions of random inconsistencies with the scale.

8. Coffee maker "Behmor"

Smart kitchen device: "Behmor".

price: ~ 140 $
The Behmor coffee maker connected to the Internet can be controlled directly from your phone, which makes it easy to control the brewing temperature, the time for pre-soaking the beans and much more. Compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Amazon Dash Replacement means you can use voice control and automatically replenish your favorite additives or coffee beans when they run out.
The coffee maker holds eight cups of the drink, which means that you can make enough coffee for your family or friends. A special impulse dispenser ensures even distribution and full saturation for optimal taste.
- can be easily programmed and configured;
- a capacity of eight cups;
- can be controlled by voice commands.

- reduced functionality without using a smartphone;
- not compatible with Google Assistant;
- The rest of the coffee is rather difficult to pour into a cup.

9. Scales "Drop Scale"

Smart kitchen device: "Drop Scale".

price: ~ 65 $
Baking requires accurate weight measurements to achieve optimal results. Smart scales offer perfectly accurate measurements for every ingredient. When you connect the gadget, you can view hundreds of detailed interactive recipes to find the best. On-screen instructions make it easy to prepare ingredients, add their exact amounts and bake at the right time.
- accurate measurements of ingredients;
- access to hundreds of recipes through the application;
- on-screen instructions.

- currently requires the iOS operating system;
- there is no display screen;
- there are malfunctions in working with the Bluetooth connection.

10. System "Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System"

Smart kitchen device: "Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System".

price: ~ 480 $
The Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System provides a unique culinary experience that includes video monitoring and automatic temperature control. The device automatically controls the time and temperature in accordance with a specific recipe.
You just need to prepare the necessary ingredients, then use the app in combination with smart cookware and an induction burner (both included) to cook food. The application provides access to hundreds of recipes, as well as methods and tips of professional chefs. The system is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
- useful for cooks of any level;
- The set includes smart cookware and an induction burner;
- Works with iOS and Android devices.

- Requires a Bluetooth enabled device;
- not a lot of recipes;
- The pan is not safe to clean in the dishwasher.
Smart kitchen devices come with the necessary app. You will always have the opportunity to follow the progress of work, make changes, as necessary, and receive a message about the completion of the cycle.
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