Another portion of the tale: meteo-dependent designer dresses from Donkey Skin

Meteorological design dresses from "Donkey skin"

We are all a little bit in the shower. And many even for a minute, but I would like to return to the carefree season of sweets and teddy bears. In this regard, designers are happy people, because their profession requires you to look into the past from time to time, drawing inspiration from childhood memories. For example, rediscover old tales to create tech designer dresses.
Designer dresses from childhood

We already wrote about fabulous dress from old children's books legendary american series Golden book. A new batch of fancy outfits arrived from France. So what is the inspiration for the designer Valerie Lamontagne served as native folklore. In particular, a fairy tale Donkey skin with a difficult and scandalous (by today's standards) plot. It all started with the fact that after the death of the queen, a certain monarch swears that he will not marry again until he finds a chosen one equal to the beauty and piety of the deceased wife. After a long search, he concludes that the only candidate is his daughter (Quel scandale!). The princess, being in a sober mind, in every possible way postpones the wedding, demanding from the “boyfriend” unthinkable gifts: three dresses from the light of the moon, sun rays and sky. Of course, if she had lived in a fairy tale, Valerie Lamontan would hardly have helped the crazy king. But to translate fabulous outfits into real life with the help of technology is another matter. So there three designer dresses that respond to changes in the weather.
Meteorological designer dresses: "Sky dress"

The first outfit is called "Heavenly dress". To convey the variability of the wind that drives the clouds, Valerie used a special lightweight fabric, collecting it in the manner of bubbles. Inside each air "compartment" are miniature devices resembling fans. They react to the speed and direction of the wind, "inflating" the dress and changing its shape.
Meteorological designer dresses: "Moon dress"

"Moon dress" Decorate with 14 bright colors that change color according to the phase of the moon.
Meteorological designer dresses: "Sunny dress"

And finally "Sunny dress" completes the fantastic trio. The outfit contains a mini controller that responds to fluctuations in UV level. Depending on solar activity, 128 LEDs fabulous dresses light up in different sequences, imitating the luminary.
Well, if someone is interested in the future fate of the princess, we tell you: the woe-father still brought her three magic dresses (the case was not without the intervention of the godmother). The princess demanded the last gift - an outfit from the skin of a donkey, and under this cover she fled to the neighboring kingdom, where, after a series of adventures, she married a completely adequate prince.

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