20 unsuccessful attempts to do something with your own hands, when you look at which you can only laugh

Failed attempts to do something beautiful with their own hands.

Unfortunately, the harsh reality of human existence is such that our expectations do not always coincide with reality. This state of things can depress, upset, and even cause depression. Well, it's better to just laugh as it should with the curiosities that fate-villain throws to each of the people. Enjoy your viewing and good mood.

1. A banana fire extinguisher would not have prevented an orange candlestick!

Candlestick made of orange peel.

2. "Something the swing turned out not according to the size and not to the liking!"

Jeans swing for growth.

3. "Everything is fine with my hands, just chicks suddenly hatched from empty eggs!"

Jewelry work.

4. "Man, it seems knitting is just not yours!"

A knitted hat.

5. Knitted a hippo, but it turned out a feces ...

Knitted toy.

6. "I will tell everyone that my child did this!"

Candlestick made from autumn leaves.

7. Someone seems to have gone too far with heating!

The rainbow burned out.

8. "For some reason, my bird decided she was a bat ..."

Jar with birds on the perch.

9. "There is only one way out - to eat and drink everything yourself!"

Bottle decorated with sweets.

10. "It remains only to find out where you can go in this!"

Sweater mesh.

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11. Gorgeous Halloween Party Makeup

Leopard eye makeup.

12. Something seems to have gone wrong

Balls made of ropes.

13. The result is more like a silly joke of teenagers

Glowing balls.

14. "My dog ​​was not too accommodating!"

Plaster medallion with paw print.

15. "I won’t know what to do with this glass now: throw it away or leave it for" dear "guests !?"

Glass from the bottle.

16. "As if someone chewed and spat out a rainbow on her nails!"

Water manicure.

17. "Of course it’s not very similar to a rose, but very much to a poppy!"

Rose origami.

18. What a beautiful rag on a string ...

Lace lamp.

19. Snowman through the eyes of an expressionist

Snowman in the style of string art.

20. "Looks like my fireflies died in this jar ..."

Fireflies in the bank.

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