Dream Piano: 10 most beautiful and amazing keyboards

The Piano of Dreams: The 10 Most Beautiful and Amazing Pianos

What is it dream piano - the most harmonious, the most beautiful, or the most high-tech? Or maybe it's not a piano at all, but a piano or synthesizer? How many people - there are so many dreams, so you won’t get away with just one piano. So we collected in one review 10 most amazing and wonderful keyboardsthat would make drooling of Ferenc Liszt himself!

Royal whale

Dream Piano: Killer Whale

The devil appeared to the great violinist Giuseppe Tartini in a dream and played a tune. And the Polish designer Robert Maykut appeared ... an unusual piano whale, or rather - a predatory and graceful killer whale Whaletone. In addition to the wonderful design, the instrument is also interesting for its “stuffing”: a CD player, an LED display, an internal sound processor and considerable memory make it an excellent replacement for a synthesizer.
Predatory Whaletone Piano

Apple piano

Piano Applesman Dreams

There are people who can’t imagine life without the creations of the gloomy genius Steve Jobs. Probably, the iPiano project of the designer Heyki Lee will really become the dream piano for them - of course, until they release iPiano 4G.

Very tech piano

Dream Piano: Electric

Another titanium piece of musical equipment Yamaha claims to be the "piano of dreams" for technology lovers. Or not, perhaps a "synthesizer of dreams." The piano with the pompous name Yamaha Avant Grand has everything the piano has: pedals, keys, mallets ... And instead of the strings - electronic stuffing, so the instrument became so small. And cheap - 20 thousand dollars against 120 000 for a full-fledged Yamaha piano.

Piano tv

Dream Piano: Piano for Cinema Fan

And here is another advanced synthesizer that successfully pretends to be a piano. Compiano is stylized as a mahogany instrument, but it is already three times cheaper - 6,998 dollars. It exists in a single copy and allows you to watch TV while playing. So far, even virtuosos cannot afford it, that's why nobody has bought the instrument so far.

Artistic Piano

Sloppy Piano: A Musical-Artistic Mess

A talented person is talented in everything. Why not a good pianist be a good artist? But what then will his musical instrument turn into ... Something like this piano.

Advanced piano

Dream Piano: Grand Piano

The joint concept of designer Yves Plattard and Yamaha is the perfect piano for home concerts. This piano takes up relatively little space; thanks to a thin lid behind it, as at a table, relatives and friends of the performer will comfortably sit down. The shape of the mini-hall, according to the creator, assures the best acoustics.

I'll sing right now!

Dream Piano: * Drunk virtuoso *

Many creatively gifted people are attracted by a degree to sing something spiritual - but alas, the voice usually fails. Maybe they better play the piano? To do this, not looking up from a drink, allows a bar with keys, for which you definitely can’t drink talent.

Space piano

Dream Piano: Space Opera

Schimmel's Pegasus Piano is named after the winged horse, and looks like an entire spaceship - and asks for it to play something from the Star Wars. This dream piano is truly one of the most beautiful in the world, and costs accordingly: $ 100,000. "Musical Pegasus" are white, black and red, and there are 14 of them all on our planet.
Dream Piano: Space Opera

Piano Audi

Dream Piano: Audi's most musical car

If Audi did not make cars, but grand pianos, then they would be just that. The unique piano design for the centenary of the company was developed by Wolfgang Egger and famous Austrian pianos from the Bözendorfer company. It looks like a million, but costs “only” 100,000 euros (tool manufacturers have clearly conspired with these one hundred thousand).

"Children's" piano

Dream Piano: * frivolous instrument * in the style of Otmar Alt

For some reason, children play the piano much more often than adults. If the child has already begun to be afraid of a serious instrument, then why not decorate it with funny spots, like this grand piano? It was made by Schimmel, which we already mentioned, in the spirit of the amused German artist Otmar Alt (Otmar Alt, born 1940). This wonderful tool will complete our the collection dream piano. Play and dream, and let everything be as if by notes!

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