8 basic rules for creating a stylish and luxurious interior

A few ideas for interior design.

Tired of living in an apartment where repairs were made, or at least your parents changed furniture, or maybe grandfather and grandmother? You really want to change everything, but don’t know which side to approach ?! The upcoming changes are causing a complete stupor at the thought of future expenses. Indeed, if one decides to take such an adventure, one would like to have a fashionable, stylish and luxurious interior as a result, otherwise it makes no sense to start. No matter how unrealistic it sounds, there are secrets and tricks that will make the interior of your home elegant and stylish within a reasonable budget. Here are some ideas for creating a unique design for your nest!

I. Definition of character, feelings and moods

Elegant style of interior decoration.

Start with the most important thing - determine which mood would you like to create what to feel in this or that room, not forgetting, of course, about its functional purpose. Decide in advance for what purpose you are decorating the house, trying to give it a luxurious look - purely for yourself and your family, or if you want to impress outsiders - this is also a very important aspect.

II. Housing accounting

Kitchen design in Hi-tech style.

Determine, taking into account the lifestyle and habits of all the inhabitants of the apartment, for which this or that room will serve, because the main task in the design of housing is comfort and convenience, but not beauty for the sake of beauty!
Design of a combined living-kitchen.

Do not be afraid to take risks, a little changing the layoutcombining similar purpose zones - a kitchen-dining room, an entrance hall-dressing room or a bedroom-dressing room, a toilet with a bathtub, etc.
Studio apartment for lovers of pastel colors.

You can design a studio apartment, radically changing all.
Design of a two-level loft-style housing.

If you have a large house or two-level apartment, then the field of activity and the possibilities of redevelopment are expanding.

III. Observance of symmetry and balance

Creating a focal point in the design of a classic interior.

To create a harmonious interior, it is necessary to maintain the rules of symmetry and balance. If the room is unbalanced, try create a false sense of herfinding the focal point, creating a center, as it were. This point can be a window, a doorway, a TV, a fireplace or just a picture. And plan to create an interior symmetrically with respect to the selected object.
Center offset in interior design.

Can add creativity - first creating symmetry, and then slightly breaking.
How to focus on asymmetric layout.

If the room is completely asymmetric, then focus on this. Asymmetry It’s also interesting to “beat”.
And most importantly - use vertical lines, it visually raises the streams, which will add effect.

IV. Color, texture and form - the basis of style

Finishing with artificial materials in Hi-tech style.

Choose texture, color and shape not only of interior, but also of furniturehaving thought over everything to the smallest detail. All design elements should not only harmonize, but also complement each other.
For lovers of contrasts in a trendy style.

Think in advance color gamutwhether it is calm, bright or contrasting is up to you.
Naturalness in the design of the interior.

Decide on invoice and by ourselves materials: if you want heat, then choose naturalif you prefer cold and smooth surfaces - artificial.
A variant of combining objects of different sizes.

Combine large and small objects, contrasting scale save the interior from monotony, while not forgetting about unity with color and texture.

V. Good lighting is part of the design

Several lighting options for different zones.

Pay particular attention to lighting. The presence of light is a physiological need of a person; he is able to influence not only our biorhythm, but also emotions and sensations. Use daylight in full - in no case do not clutter the windows with furniture and with great responsibility treat the selection of curtains. If you want to reach an expensive type of housing, do not skimp on curtains made of high-quality plain material or with a calm print.
Simple and tasteful.

Artificial light, of course, the most popular type of lighting, so be very scrupulous about the choice of chandeliers, all kinds of lamps on the ceiling, floor lamps. This will give the room a finished look.
Lighting option for different areas of the nursery.

Pay special attention to the children's room, highlight several zones, each of which should have an individual way of lighting.
An unusual watch mirror will add originality and light.

Using mirrors, you add light and visually increase the space of the room.

VI. Suitable place for your favorite things

If you can’t part with handmade shelves.

Surround yourself with your favorite items, but with mind and creativity.
It turns out that the most difficult thing to radically change the interior is to part with your favorite things, especially if they cause a strong emotional attachment.
A worthy place in the interior of your grandmother's favorite book.

You can always find a way out, just try to determine appropriate place for them. This is sometimes difficult to do, but perseverance and perseverance will help you. Free walls and surfaces by placing your favorite things over and over, trying to find the best option.
How to make the interior not boring.

If these are small things, then use the rule of "three".
Flowers in the interior will add soulfulness.

Do not forget about Natural flowers, because they have the property not only to decorate, but also to inspire. Make them become an integral part of the interior and organically integrate into the overall ensemble.

VII. Style definition

French style in the interior.

Combine all the previous recommendations to create a spectacular interior. Imagine in advance final result. It will be an interior designed in uniform subject, or combine several styles in different areas of the home, or maybe in the same room - the choice is yours.
Interweaving of loft and hi-tech styles.

The main thing is to keep harmony in combining all the rules and secrets, so as not to cause dissonance, while maintaining coherence and unity the whole interior. Remember that not the quantity, but the quality of finishing materials, good furniture, exclusive fittings, skillfully inscribed in the interior are the main components that will give the apartment an elegant look and emphasize the good taste of the owners.

Viii. Cleanliness and tidiness

Such an order in the kitchen will add charm.

If you managed to create a luxurious interior, then the main priority of sophistication of taste will be - purity! Dust and things scattered all over the place will nullify all your efforts to create a stylish and expensive interior.
The original cabinet will only decorate the interior.

well if with dust it’s clear how to fight, it’s necessary to keep things in order built-in multi-function cabinetsthat must be skillfully placed in the interior without violating the general idea.
Having learned about the rules of creating a style, you can easily cope with arrangement and a small apartment, without resorting to the services of a designer.

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