Americans make a battle laser

The new American combat laser.

As it turns out, lasers are good not only against mosquitoes. The Americans finally managed to create a fully capable laser of high striking power - 100 kW.

Hollywood has taught us that laser beams are multi-colored narrow streams of light that, when they hit the target, cause an explosion. Reality is dramatically different. The laser created by American developers is an invisible beam to the human eye, which creates an ultra-high temperature at the point of contact with the target. Roughly speaking, at the point where the laser beam hits, for example, a tank, the armor is rapidly melting.
The main possible combat mission of the development is air defense. Indeed, using a laser as an offensive weapon is quite problematic: bombs and missiles are still a more effective means, because they can be dropped from the air or launched at a considerable distance, while the laser beam acts only in the line of sight.
Nevertheless, the possibilities offered by a new type of weapon are considered revolutionary. With the help of a good guidance system, the laser system is capable of almost instantly destroying enemy missiles - including ballistic ones.
More detailed information on laser operation can be found in the video, which can be viewed here.
Of course, the manufacture of a finished combat installation is not a quick matter. The project manager, Dr. Brian Strickland, says that at this stage, the developers are faced with the task of moving the tests from laboratory to field conditions, which is expected to take several years and about a hundred million dollars.


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