"All in one face": how to identify Chinese, Japanese and Korean

Only at first glance an inexperienced traveler does it seem that all Japanese, Koreans and Chinese are the same from the face and are no different from each other. In fact, correctly identifying the nationality of representatives of these Asian peoples is not so difficult. There is a fairly large set of criteria that can be divided into three large groups: behavior, face, appearance.

1. "These beautiful kind faces"

The Japanese have characteristic noses. | Photo: yandex.ru.

Facial features are the most controversial way of determining nationality. Nevertheless, there are more or less stable signs characteristic not for the majority, but still for a fairly wide mass of people from the corresponding region. Japanese are easy to recognize by their large features, elongated and large nose. Koreans quite often have very dark eyes, almost like sunglasses. The Chinese are the most difficult, since they themselves are very heterogeneous. In different parts of the Middle Kingdom, Chinese men can be very different. In general, among all Asians, the Chinese have facial features that are most similar to Caucasians (with the exception of residents of the southern regions).
The Chinese are very different. | Photo: mirtesen.ru.

Now, as for the beautiful half of humanity. Small features, the presence of freckles, thick eyebrows and thick dark hair with a high degree of probability give out the Japanese. Big eyes and thin eyebrows are Korean. With Chinese women, everything is as difficult in this matter as with Chinese men.

2. "Such modest people"

A bow is widespread in Asia. | Photo: cableman.ru.

Behavior is a very striking marker of nationality. The practice of bowing is widespread in many countries of the region as one of the gestures of politeness. Pay attention to how a person bows (if he does this in principle). So, the Chinese prefer to give only a slight nod of their heads in respect, while in Japan and Korea it is a deep bow. Also, the Chinese are much more likely to shake hands.
Pay attention to the behavior. | Photo: myxglobal.com.

You should also pay attention to how an Asian behaves in public places. Japanese and Koreans, as a rule, look collected and even enslaved. Residents of China are usually more relaxed and inclined to communicate. On average, the Chinese speak louder than the Japanese.

3. "On clothes meet"

The Chinese dress in European. | Photo: gezievreni.com.

Among all the inhabitants of Asia, it is Koreans who dress most brilliantly. Does the young man look like an anime character? With 95% probability he is from Korea. Does the girl have bright red lipstick and an excess of makeup on her face? Most likely she is Korean. Koreans love everything bright, and in general they have a special attitude to cosmetics and clothes.
The Japanese have more strict clothes. | Photo: pipec.info.

The Japanese, overgrown as a teenager, look the exact opposite of Koreans. Their clothes are usually dominated by cool colors. The clothes are modest and strict. Everything should (according to the Japanese) be dignified and severe, in the framework of decency. The wardrobe of a real Japanese is a conservatism fair.
Koreans are the most fashionable guys. ¦Photo: aminoapps.com.

Among all Asians, the Chinese are closest to Western civilization in matters of clothing (and this despite the fact that on all other issues they are almost farthest from her). The inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom dress a little old-fashioned. A real middle ground between Japanese austerity and Korean pretentiousness. First of all, Chinese people appreciate the convenience and functionality of clothing.
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