How to use ammonia: 10 ways that many have forgotten

Tricky ways to use alcohol in everyday life.

Surely everyone knows what a pungent smell of ammonia. He can immediately bring to life a person who is feeling unwell. But few people know that the possibilities of ammonia are quite wide. And on the farm, it can be indispensable.

1. Beautiful feet

An effective remedy for dryness, cracks and corns. | Photo:,

If your feet became rough during the winter, cracks and corns appeared, ammonia and glycerin will help. You need to mix these two ingredients in a 1: 1 ratio. The resulting mixture should be rubbed into clean skin every night before bedtime. For efficiency, doing it better every day. By the end of the week you will notice an amazing result. The same product can be applied to the skin of the hands, elbows and knees.

2. Greasy collar

Clean greasy collar. | Photo: clean.

The collars of the jackets quickly become greasy, but aggressive stain removers can ruin the fabric. Do not despair. According to, ammonia and salt can be used to solve this problem. To prepare the magic mixture you will need only 25 grams of ammonia and 5 grams of salt. Apply the solution to the contaminated area, leave for 15 minutes, and then wash in the usual way.

3. Itching

Itching of mosquito bites. | Photo: Women's Planet.

Summer is the time for mosquitoes that ruthlessly bite and there’s no getting around it. A mixture of ammonia and water will help relieve itching. These two ingredients should be mixed in equal proportions, applied to a cotton pad and wipe the bite. As the discomfort returns, the procedure should be repeated.

4. Clean windows

Means for washing windows. | Photo: Ofix Blog.

Ammonia will help to clean the windows. You need to mix 30 milliliters of water, 70 milliliters of glycerin and a few drops of alcohol. Wash the window with the resulting solution. Glycerin forms an invisible film on the glass, which will repel dirt and prevent the formation of frost.

5. Oil paint

Oil paint on the walls. | Photo: American Go Association.

Walls coated with oil paint should not be washed too often. However, if you started a general cleaning, ammonia will help. Add it to the water, moisten the rag, twist it well and wipe the walls thoroughly.

6. Spots from spirits

Stains from perfumes on clothes. | Photo: YouTube.

It is very difficult to remove the trace of perfume from white fabric, but it is still possible. Mix ammonia and hydrogen peroxide in equal parts, apply to the stain, leave for 15 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Also, using alcohol, you can remove stains from oil or iodine.

7. Suede cleaning

Suede shoe shine. | Photo: uDuba.

Suede shoes do not tolerate an abundance of moisture, but it is very dirty. In such situations, ammonia is used for delicate and high-quality cleaning. Dilute it with water in a 1: 1 ratio, apply to a cotton pad and wipe the contaminated areas. Change cotton pads as needed until they are clean.

8. Flower dressing

Fertilizer for flowers. | Photo: Hezké bydlení.

Tomatoes, lilies, clematis, geraniums and cucumbers are very fond of ammonia. recommends adding 50 milliliters of alcohol to 4 liters of water and watering the plants in the garden. After such watering, the bushes will bloom with great force, and midges will disappear.

9. Carpet Cleaning

Effective carpet cleaner. | Photo: SmartKilim.

Carpets do not like wet cleaning. Of course, you can use special chemicals, but you have to painfully wash the foam. But this will not have to be done with alcohol. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly before starting the procedure. Next, dilute two tablespoons of alcohol in a liter of water. In the prepared solution, moisten the brush and apply to the pile of the carpet. Try not to collect too much mortar so that the base of the carpet is not wet. When you finish the entire area, leave the carpet for five minutes, and then gently wipe it with a dry, clean cloth.

10. Cleaning

Cleaning with ammonia. | Photo: MyHouse Magazine.

Liquid ammonia is a budget household assistant. Using alcohol, you can wash to a mirror shine. Apply a small amount of ammonia on a cotton pad to clean the sole of the iron. Greasy stains from the tiled floor disappear without a trace, if you use ammonia for cleaning.

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