Designer's Tips: 4 Ways to Liven Up a White Kitchen Design

Designer's Tips: 4 Ways to Liven Up a White Kitchen Design

Today, according to a study, about 49% of kitchens are presented in white. But if you want to get rid of the feeling of sterility and being in a hospital ward, then you should get acquainted with some tricks. With the help of some details, you can revive the completely white interior of the kitchen.

1. Tile

Kitchen Interior by Melton Design Build

Designer: Rene Urbanovich (MeltonDesignBuild)
Location: Boulder, Colorado
The size: 16.5 sq. M. m;
Year of construction: 1975
Features The walls of the kitchen are tiled with handmade tiles, the size of each tile is 20x20 cm. The owners of the house decided to bring some colors to the decor of the kitchen in an interesting way, while at the same time trying to modernize the design of the room.
Customer requirement. Modern, thoughtful, convenient and easy to clean, family-oriented interior with resistant surfaces.
Goals. In the 70s, white was taken as the basis for kitchen design. This is reflected in a completely white tile, work surfaces and equipment. Facing the autonomous working area with colored tiles appeared later.
Kitchen Interior by Melton Design Build

Positive. Before reconstruction, the kitchen seemed dark with an enclosed space. The designer removed the walls and old lighting, updated the plaster on the ceiling and installed new lighting, equipped the pantry and updated the autonomous working area. The placement of cabinets around the perimeter of the kitchen positively affected functionality and roominess. Since the kitchen equipment remained in the same places, this allowed saving on additional work related to remodeling and additional installations.
The secret of the designer. Design success lies in two criteria: functionality and beauty. According to Urbanovich, the design of the kitchen is characterized by an increase in storage space for kitchen utensils and an open plan, which allowed, by combining the kitchen, dining room and living room, to make the kitchen spacious. The use of kitchen-like cabinets throughout the house has created a single concept.
Costs and savings. Clients managed to save on tiles and kitchen equipment, so they had the opportunity to purchase expensive, high-quality materials for countertops.
Tip. According to Urbanovich, the use of a limited set of colors allows the decor to be perfect for a long time. The white background of the interior makes it possible to periodically change the decor if desired.

2. Bookshelves

Kitchen Interior by Bunker Workshop

Designer: Chris Greenwalt (BunkerWorkshop)
Location: South End District, Boston
Year of construction: 1900
Features Tall bookshelves in black. The goal of the designer was to minimize the amount of white in the interior of the kitchen. In his opinion, if you use contrasting elements, then the decor will sparkle in a new way. White kitchen cabinets look sleeker next to black bookshelves. In addition, shelves enrich the design with new textures.
Customer requirement. The previous layout was not functional, and the room itself seemed cramped. Customers wanted to improve the layout, optimize the storage function and find a place for bookshelves.
Kitchen Interior by Bunker Workshop

Goals. Customers opted for bookshelves and new surfaces. The designer began work with an autonomous working area in the center of the kitchen. It is used to prepare products for the cooking process, since a sink and stove are installed here - the main equipment. In addition, a family dines in this area. The installation of an autonomous working area improves the layout and allows you to use the kitchen more ergonomically.
How is the kitchen used? This room is used as a kitchen, dining room and library.
Designer secret: A positive aspect is minimalism in design, but this style without periodic diversity quickly bothers.

3. Autonomous work area

Kitchen Interior by Effect Home Builders

Designer: SidneyBond (Effect Home Builders)
Location: Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
The size: 23 sqm
Year of construction: 2014
Features Unique autonomous work area with a birch worktop. Black perimeter granite surfaces on the bottom of the kitchen cabinets add contrast. The soft blue color of the wall fragment above the sink is combined with the color of the autonomous working area and continues in the form of wall decor throughout the floor, creating a single image. This color is present in the decor of the whole house.
Customer requirement. Spacious room with many windows. In the kitchen, customers store independently grown vegetables and fruits, from which they cook every day. Therefore, the kitchen should have enough space for their storage.
Kitchen Interior by Effect Home Builders

Goals. The designer began with the installation of the floor, which is made of walnut wood. Then she took up the white kitchen cabinets. The following were work surfaces, then a tiled protective apron. Lastly, the designer embarked on decorative work and took up lighting. Kitchen utensils are stored in lockers, shelves with cookbooks are located, and accessories are behind glass doors. The designer really likes the interesting combination represented by a massive sink with an apron and an original mixer, and such modern elements as kitchen equipment and granite surfaces.
The secret of the designer. As a decor for a white tile, the designer chose a contrasting black grout for joints. This minor touch plays an important role, as it contrasts with the white background, and is also the link between the absolutely white cabinets and the black worktops.
Problem. When the cabinets were made and installed, the sink, which the hostess of the house acquired, did not fit. A massive washing weighs a lot, which means that the foundation on which it is installed must be solid. Therefore, it was necessary to think about this in advance.

4. Combination of materials - second-hand wood, copper and iron

The combination of materials - second-hand wood, copper and iron

Designer: Michael and Betty Terry
Location: Newport Beach, California
The size: about 31 square meters m
Year of construction: 2015
Features Beams from second-hand wood. Hood made of copper in a wooden frame, painted white. Above the upper kitchen cabinets is a superstructure with a fine wire mesh. The stand-alone work area is gray and the countertop is made of white marble. Chairs with soft cushions that fit the design perfectly were found in the house. Along the perimeter of the kitchen are lower kitchen cabinets with worktops made of steatite, contrasting with the marble worktops of an autonomous work area made of white marble. The white painted brick wall, as an attribute of a rustic style, contrasts favorably with moldings and a lamp in the form of glass caps. An iron door leads to the patio, which is in the backyard.
Customer requirement. Rustic kitchen with a nautical theme. This room is not only located in the center of the house, but also is its highlight.
Costs and savings. Customers love the look of steatite worktops located on the lower kitchen cabinets. In addition, this material looks very similar to granite, but much cheaper. Basically, the budget went for the purchase of wooden beams, decorative details, custom-made cabinets, and a copper hood. The iron door cost the most.

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