Timeless Garden Weed Clock

Timeless Garden. * Eternal hours * at the rear

Until today, I only knew two types of herbivores: artiodactyls and vegetarian people. But as it turned out, some gadgets also work on the grass ...

Usually all so-called eco-friendly gadgets are powered by wind or solar energy. And only the “green” conceptual Timeless Garden watches, thanks to their “parents” Francesco Castiglione Morelli (Francesco Castiglione Morelli) and Tommaso Ceschi (Tommaso Cesky), prefer a different eating regime.
Timeless Garden. * Eternal hours * at the rear
Timeless Garden. * Eternal hours * at the rear

Timeless Garden is both a clock and a home bed, in which, in fact, should be grown food for the concept. The fact is that the authors of this very concept found that chemical reactions that occur in the soil during the growth of grass can serve as an alternative source of energy, which is enough for the walkers to work.
If you properly look after an improvised flowerbed, you can get an “eternal clock” that does not require repair or recharging ... Is this really the same perpetual motion machine that mankind has been looking for since time immemorial?

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