23 epoxy 3D flooring options

There are a number of ideas and options when it comes to flooring for your home: from wood and tile to laminate and even rubber, and the list goes on and on. However, there is another more interesting and original option - 3D epoxy floors that can break all records when it comes to the incredibly realistic effects that they create.

The advantage of such floors is that, thanks to modern technology, they are very durable. Often, these floors include a primer, a self-leveling screed, a transparent polymer, a protective varnish and the image you choose. The screed is a polymer-modified cement that does not require a large amount of water, two layers of polymer - a thickener and hardener with a protective varnish on top, make them incredibly strong and completely resistant to wear. Therefore, such a coating is ideal for any room: from the bathroom to the bedroom and the nursery, as well as for the balcony, kitchen, hallway and bathroom.

1. Simple geometry

Funnel. Photo: google.ru.

3D floor design is one of the most striking and exciting modern interior trends.

2. Sea fish

3D floor in the bathroom. Photo: vannayasvoimirukami.ru.

Modern ideas and materials for flooring used for bulk floors are environmentally friendly and safe for health.

3. The sea under your feet

Sea in the kitchen. Photo: len-stroyka.ru.

3D floor design allows you to create contrast in the room and add beautiful images that improve your mood.

4. Pebbles

Sea pebbles. Photo: 3dgosha.ru.

3D floor design ideas are practical and durable.

5. Marine motive

The sea in the bedroom. Photo: veetbox.ru.

Such a floor is capable of supporting the weight of heavy furniture. Everything else is easy to clean and clean.

6. Waterfall

Waterfall. Photo: womanadvice.ru.

The design of the bulk 3D floor looks fabulous, it is functional and very decorative.

7. Space Odyssey

Space. Photo: dev-news.ru.

Self-leveling floors are a good choice for modern interior design in an eco-style that meets all safety requirements.

8. Savings

Sea of ​​money. Photo: google.ru.

Bulk 3D floor is a liquid polymer that is applied to the surface of the floor with an attractive pattern for every taste.

9. Daisies

Camomile field. Photo: c-58.ru.

After drying, the floor forms a smooth, seamless surface that resembles a mirror.

10. World map

The whole world in full view. Photo: ibud.ua.

Looking at the floor from certain angles, you can appreciate exotic 3D-prints that add a fancy element to modern interior design and decoration.

11. Underwater

Polar bear. Photo: designhistory.com.

Self-leveling floors bring sea waves and golden sand, dolphins, corals and colorful fish, green lawns and waterfalls, butterflies, plants and flowers, satellite photographs, bright and complex patterns that look like modern art, serving as an ideal element of decor in the interior.

12. Mountain river

Relax Photo: www.aliexpress.com.

3D floor design can be tailored specifically for your interior, creating more harmony with existing furniture, adding a splash of your favorite color to your home decor.

13. Tortoise

Big turtle. Photo: bouw.ru.

This floor is ideal for any room. It is convenient to use both at home and in schools, hospitals, shops, cafes and restaurants.

14. The surf

The sea is worried once ... Photo: www.aliexpress.com.

Marine theme is the favorite and most common option for many, which becomes a wonderful element of decor for any room.

15. At the bottom of the sea

Marine life. Photo: home.richrebate.ru.

Stylish, modern and creative - all that is necessary for the realization of ideas, dreams and fantasies.

16. Exotic

Coral reefs. Photo: stroy-podskazka.ru.

When the sea became much closer. And it is not necessary to go to the islands to admire the white sand, emerald waves and colorful fish. It is enough to use a bulk 3D-floor to create the desired atmosphere of calm and conciliation.

17. Reflection

The windows of your house. Photo: krasko.ru.

When the clouds float on the floor, and the windows are reflected, as if in puddles - I want to dream and enjoy every day we live, nostalgic for something beautiful.

18. Chess

Chess board. Photo: decorvega.ru.

For those who love games, a chessboard with impressive size pieces that you just want to move from one cell to another is ideal.

19. Lines

Black and white candy. Photo: yandex.kz.

Those who prefer the classics of the genre, choosing black and white colors and shades, should pay attention to the floor with geometric, but at the same time smooth lines, which, flowing one into another, resemble a drawing of a lollipop.

20. Sea

The gentle sea. Photo: 3dgosha.ru.

The noise of the surf, foamy waves and complete relaxation - all those sensations that the gentle sea gives, spreading across the expanses of your living room.

21. Reptiles

Crocodiles. Photo: www.aliexpress.com.

And extreme lovers will definitely like the lawn with crocodiles, which, having opened their mouths, await their victims running to the bed.

22. Oasis

Paradise Photo: www.aliexpress.com.

Obstacle race is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this floor leading to a truly paradise bed.

23. Floral motifs

Sunflowers. Photo: google.ru.

Ah, the field, the field, yellow and sunny, beckons for itself, recalling childhood.
Since we are talking about the transformation of the apartment and repair, you should pay attention to the ideas, thanks to which you can quickly, efficiently, and most important inexpensively decorate walls.

Watch the video: 3D Epoxy Floors (January 2020).

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