13 most ridiculous and reckless selfies in the world

Some of the worst selfies that can blow the internet.

The thrust of the “YAYAJA” generation to do spectacular shots with yourself to your beloved in the lead role sometimes takes on the most bizarre forms. Worth a look at these 13 crazy selfieswhose ideas would hardly have occurred to you.

1. Selfies on vacation

Some girls are not looking for easy ways.

2. Romantic selfie with your favorite lawn mower

Unusual selfie.

3. Selfie with a banana

Erotic picture with a banana.

4. Selfie made by breast

Not everyone will be able to photograph themselves without resorting to hands.

5. Selfie in the window of someone else's house

The original picture of a thief climbing into a house through a window.

6. Selfies of a person with suicidal tendencies

Anna Karenina would envy such a selfie master.

7. Extreme selfie

The most lively shot in the world.

8. A shot against a burning house

No one should have any doubts about who the arsonist is.

9. Selfies at a funeral

A funeral is the most appropriate place to create a selfie.

10. Selfie with a policeman

The best way to run into trouble is to take a picture with the police who stopped the car.

11. Selfies in the toilet

Before you take a selfie in the mirror in the restroom, you need to make sure that she is not busy with anyone.

12. A picture with a giraffe

Not every day you can take a selfie with a giraffe.

13. Selfies with grandma

Grandmothers also want to be in trend.

But there is no limit to the skill in the field of self-photography, so all new ideas and even accessories appear, like shoes "Selfie Shoes", which allows you to take advanced selfies with your feet.

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