Elegant lamps in the form of female braids

Lamps in the form of female braids.

Light and elegant lamps from the Latvian bureau are inspired by the image of a young bride. Lamp shades are nothing more than long braids woven from translucent light paper. For all its simplicity, the lamps look very elegant and elegant, giving the interior a special mood.
Lamps from the Latvian studio Mammalampa.
Original lamps made of paper.

Original fixtures came up in the Latvian design bureau Mammalampa. Made from natural, environmentally friendly materials, they are associated with a delicate, feminine look. Such an accessory looks airy and festive, becoming an original accent in the interior.
Paper lamps from Mammalampa.
Lamps inspired by the image of the bride.

Such lampshades give a soft diffused light, very pleasant and an eye, and excellent for creating a chamber atmosphere in a room. Designers say that stylish paper fixtures You can arrange the room in which the celebration of the wedding takes place. Models are available in three versions - ceiling lights and floor lamps of two sizes.

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