Britta Hope's Sweet Tooth Bike

Britta Hope's delicious bike

Seeing this unusual bike, someone will have an appetite, and someone, it is possible, will have a toothache. The fact is that the bike from 3D designer Britta Hope, a senior teacher at the School of Visual Arts, is made from a huge variety of real sweets.
Britta Hope's bike - sweet tooth dream

Humanity strives for excellence, improving and vehicles. American 3D designer Britta Hope either decided to make a joke, or to compensate for the lack of sweets while dieting, and created a delicious bike.
... And even the wheels of sweets

The bike from Britta Hope is completely made of various sweets and sweets: from the steering wheel to the wheels. Looking at this bike, even the most gourmets spoiled for pastry delights will find their loved ones. For example, the frames and the steering wheel are made of white and pink candy, the wheels are made of cotton candy, the guards are covered with sweet glaze with colored sprinkles. And many more, just a great many candies! They decorate the steering wheel, trunk, and under the frame there is a candy mix at all.
Candy Bicycle Mix Mix

Crowned by a delicious bicycle is a huge cupcake mounted on the trunk of a bicycle. What is not a means of transportation for a courier delivering sweets ?! Of course, many would be happy if they delivered a birthday cake on such a bicycle. It remains only to regret that there is a sweet bike from Britta Hope in a single copy and it is unlikely that it will manage to leave somewhere.
Cupcake - Around the Head

However, lovers of unusual cycling can find a great alternative to a sweet bike, for example, the retro-style Monocasco electric motorcycle - a new alternative city transport. It is worth noting that the motorcycle runs on an electric drive, so the driver may not be worried about fuel consumption and harmful exhausts.

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