Former models with their children show family values ​​in LANVIN ad campaign

Family Values ​​in LANVIN Advertising Campaign

Fashion house Lanvin launched a new advertising campaign, the main idea of ​​which is family values. For participation in the advertising were invited former models and their children. The same images, hairstyles, makeup and accessories give the impression that in the photographs are sisters, and not mother and daughter.
Former models and their children were invited to participate in the advertisement.

Creative director of Lanvin Alber Elbaz (Alber Elbaz) has created a new advertising campaign for the world famous brand. The advertising of the new collection was attended by models who have already completed their careers, and their children. However, even after the "retirement", fashion models look so good that not all photographs show where the mother is and where the daughter is.
Not all photos show where the mother is and where the daughter is.

Alber Elbaz was pleased with the result of his work: “I like that this advertising campaign is not just photographs - they have their own story. Every time we do family photo shoots, there is a feeling that we are visiting our heroes.”
Advertising Mono House Lanvin
Albert Elbaz was pleased with the result of his work

Albert admitted that the idea to create this project arose when he once again considered the original logo of the Lanvin brand. The emblem depicts the founder of the Fashion House, Jeanne Lanven, holding the hand of her daughter Marie Blanche. Jeanne herself claimed that it was her daughter who was her muse and the main source of inspiration.
Mothers in Lanvin's New Ad Campaign
Lanvin logo
Fashion models with their children in advertising the new Lanvin collection

Creative director of Lanvin is very sensitive to the topic of childhood and knows a lot about not only in chic clothes, but also in exquisite desserts. Joining forces with Laduree Patisserie, Albert Elbaz “sweetened” fashion by creating popular French pastries by Lanvin.

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