Virgin Collection: shoes that go for fertilizer. Biodegradable Sneakers from OAT Shoes

Eco-friendly Virgin Collection sneakers

From now on, old, worn-out sneakers in the Netherlands will not be sent to landfills at all, but buried in gardens, kitchen gardens, parks and squares. No, the Dutch are not going to build a cemetery for the favorite shoes of wealthy citizens. Just the designers from OAT Shoes came up with sneakers that can decompose in the ground, turning into fertilizer.

Unusual sneakers belong to the Virgin Collection series and were recently presented at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Men's and women's sneakers, "shoes for Adam and Eve" on the catwalk were figured models, almost naked naked. Either in this way they demonstrated the connection between man and nature, or to draw attention to the "green fashion" ... One way or another, and the world learned that one problem with garbage disposal in the world has become less.
Sneakers Virgin Collection. Someday they will become tulips
* Green * shoes from Dutch designers
Sneakers to become fertilizer

How do these eco-friendly running shoes work? The authors of the project, Christiaan Maats and Dirk-Jan Oudshoorn, claim that seeds of certain plants are hidden inside each pair of sports slippers. When the shoe is obsolete, it will need to be dipped in water for a while, after which it will be "buried" in the ground. Over time, the shell of the sneakers will decompose and turn into a natural fertilizer for seeds, and the seeds will sprout and, in turn, will turn into a flower, bush or fresh green grass, which is also not bad, as for Holland.
Eco-friendly running shoes from Oat Shoes
Eco-friendly Virgin Collection sneakers

Environmentalists do not need to worry: when creating the Virgin Collection, no toxic substances are used, and dyes are only natural, biodegradable, safe for both nature and humans.

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