Modernized missile carrier "White Swan" survived a rebirth and again rose into the sky

Tu-160 "White Swan" - one of the most beautiful and efficient combat aircraft in Russia. | Photo:

Worldwide, Russia is known as one of the leading countries in the aviation industry. During the years of the Cold War, we have created many aircraft that are deservedly considered the best in their class. One of these Soviet vehicles is the Tu-160 bomber. Many years later, the production of an even more effective modernized version began. What this unique car is capable of - further in the review.
Take-off strategic bomber-bomber Tu-160. | Photo:

The Tu-160 strategic bomber-missile bomber is a formidable war machine, which for its unusual beauty for the aircraft was nicknamed the “White Swan”. This is a huge aircraft (54.1 meters long and weighing up to 275 tons), capable of completing a combat mission in any corner of the Earth. Here are some more interesting facts about the Tu-160:

1. Speed

Tu-160 is able to fly at a speed of Mach 2. | Photo:

Despite the rather large size and weight, the Tu-160 heavy bomber outperforms many modern fighters. At a height of its "maximum speed" is 2200 km / h, which is twice as fast as the speed of sound.

2. Wing with variable sweep

Variable sweep of the wing can significantly reduce the dimensions of the aircraft parked in the hangar. | Photo:

The amazing dynamic qualities of the Tu-160 can be achieved thanks to 4 NK-32 turbojet engines and wings, which change their position relative to the aircraft. And at low speeds, especially when taking off and landing, the so-called variable sweep improves maneuverability.

3. Flight range

Strategic missile carrier Tu-160, aka "White Swan". | Photo:

The declared Tu-160 flight range is 12300 kilometers, and the cruise missiles with which the aircraft is armed fly another 3500 kilometers. Given the favorable geographical location of Russia and the possibility of refueling to the air, we can safely say that the crew of the White Swan is able to carry out its combat mission in any corner of the globe.

4. Crew and flight preparation

Tu-160 at the aircraft repair plant in Kazan. | Photo:

To control the Tu-160 in the air you need only 4 crew members. They spend most of the flight in oxygen masks, under reduced pressure in the cockpit. And on earth, about 20 special cars and a whole team of technicians are waiting for them. Each flight of such a complex machine as a strategic missile carrier requires many hours of training. The working conditions of the staff are quite dangerous, since turbojet engines develop a noise of 130 dB, which is significantly higher than the pain threshold.

5. Armament

Tu-160 and the main armament of the aircraft - cruise missiles. | Photo:

The world's largest combat aircraft, although called a bomber, is primarily designed for the use of cruise missiles. At full load, each Tu-160 carries 24 X-55 missiles with nuclear warheads with a capacity of 200-500 kilotons. Also, these missiles can be equipped with a non-nuclear warhead, as was the case during the raids on Syria in 2015.

6. Resumption of production

The new Tu-160M ​​bomber is being rolled out of the hangar of the Kazan Aircraft Plant. | Photo:

More recently, a new version of the Tu-160 was introduced at the aircraft factory in Kazan. For a long time, these machines were not produced, but now they are waiting for a rebirth. According to representatives of the plant, the modification of the Tu-160M ​​is much better than a Soviet-built aircraft. She received a new control system, flight and radio equipment. According to experts, the new machine is 60% more effective than the base version.
The upgraded Tu-160M ​​received its own name "Peter Deinekin." | Photo:

Video bonus:

In general, the Tu-160 strategic missile carrier has as many advanced indicators as no other aircraft in the world. And in Tupolev's design bureau designed many more outstanding military vehicles.

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