18 inscriptions and announcements, the creativity of which just rolls over

Killing ads, the content of which will make you laugh heartily.

You can laugh at absurd inscriptions forever. Who only thinks to write such "masterpieces"? Nevertheless, it is simply impossible to easily go past these 18 inscriptions, because their creativity literally goes through the roof.

1. "We decided not to rack their brains and name them as they are ..."

Unidentified something.

2. How could, and transferred ...

Perfect translation.

3. The object of desire of all the ladies and not only ...


4. Everyone heard about jumping from the bridge, but I hear about jumping from the parachute for the first time ...

A fascinating event.

5. Domestic violence is very interesting!

"Interesting" event.

6. So what are you "Belarusian juices"!


7. "Valera, where are you, bite me!"

Trust the health of mosquitoes.

8. Nobody needs one bug ...

Strange advertisement.

9. Anything can happen and a turkey hare is not the strangest thing yet

Hare mutant.

10. The inspiring name of the motor show

Eloquent title.

11. "And I again bought it and stole bank trash ..."

Bags of money.

12. "My children, of course, are not gifts, but you cannot call them nits either!"

Hilarious label.

13. Be sure to read ...

Interesting article.

14. "What is so terrible about this school?"

Fear in the pants.

15. Oil is exactly what proteins need.

Gift for squirrels.

16. Thanks for the clarification ...

A lucrative ad.

Video bonus:

17. And our favorite department ...

Family shop.

18. And the ear is not from fish, but from the ear ...

Unexpected turn.

Video bonus:

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