Revelations of employees, or Why you should always ask for a check at the box office at McDonald's

Why is it useful to ask for a check at McDonald's.

Everyone knows that food from McDonald’s is hardly useful. But, let's be honest: who does this stop? It’s tasty. Although it’s not so easy to run into a delay in a popular fast food chain, it’s best to always ask for a check when ordering. Moreover, right away. Why? So secretly advised by the staff themselves, "Mac".
Whoever you will not meet at McDonald's.

"McDonald's" is not in vain popular for so many years. The food here is tasty, inexpensive, and the risk of getting food poisoning is much lower than in any other cafe. But the most famous network has its secrets and pitfalls. And even "secret" instructions for employees. No, no Masonic conspiracies. But divulging them is strictly prohibited. Although this does not stop individuals from anonymously giving out "military secrets" on the net. Through the efforts of such volunteers, many now know why it is always necessary to ask for a check when ordering at McDonald's.
In line at the checkout there may be a "buyer undercover."

Did you know that there are professions whose task is to check the quality of service in fast food restaurants? So-so "auditor" and "test purchase" in one bottle. Of course, they do not bypass the McDonald's. Since a receipt is required to confirm that the assignment has been completed and reimburse the expenses, “buyers undercover”, they immediately ask for it when ordering. This rule is. And for managers, a not-so-typical request serves as a kind of signal.
What if the line of "auditor"?

Therefore, all newcomers are taught that if a customer immediately asks for a check, then you need to serve it as quickly as possible, serve all the hottest and often even with a “compliment” in the form of a free sauce. Just in case. What if in front of them is an "auditor"?
Everyone can get a small bonus.

So everyone can get good bonuses. Just ask for a check. And make your face more serious.
By the way, did you know why Coca-Cola at McDonald's tastes different from the one you can buy in the store?

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