15 tricky ways to use the cornice rod for other purposes, but with benefit

Extraordinary ways to use telescopic rods in everyday life.

Perhaps everyone knows what a telescopic pole is, on which curtains in the bathroom are often hung. Meanwhile, this thing has great potential. How and where it can be revealed will help these 15 tricky ways to use the rod-cornice not for its intended purpose, but with benefit.

1. Sliding door lock

Sliding door latch.

For convenience, many country houses have sliding doors. However, over time it becomes clear that even a child can open such doors, and this is a serious security problem. A telescopic bar mounted on one door leaf will help solve the problem. Such a home-made lock will help to protect the door from uninvited guests, and also will not allow the kids to run outside on their own.

2. Hidden resources

Curtains under the bed.

The free space between the bed frame and the floor can be used to store a wide variety of things. However, so that this space does not look cluttered from the side, attach a thin curtain rod with a short curtain to the bottom of the frame.

3. Shelves for shoes

Shoe storage.

With the help of several thin telescopic rods, you can significantly increase the resources of the dressing room or cabinet. From two parallel cornices fixed in the closet, wonderful shelves for storing shoes are obtained.

4. Spice storage

Section for spices.

A thin telescopic bar mounted just below any hanging cabinet will be a convenient place to store jars of spices.

5. Hanger

Hanger for household supplies.

In the cabinet under the sink, you can equip a convenient place for storing household chemicals and household supplies.

6. Hanging garden

Hanging garden on the window.

A wonderful hanging mini-garden that can be arranged right in your kitchen. All that is required for this is a telescopic curtain rod, several metal hooks and small pots with plants. Such an idea will be a wonderful decoration for the kitchen or any other window.

7. Separators

Dividers in a drawer.

Several telescopic rods mounted in one of the drawers in the kitchen will help to clean up and correctly organize the storage of plastic covers and other household trinkets.

8. Documents

Hanger for documents.

Two telescopic cornices, mounted parallel to each other, will be an excellent hanger for storing folders with important documents.

9. Hanger in the sink

Hanger for a rag.

To prevent the tablecloth from becoming wet, arrange a hanger for it. You can make it from a telescopic rod fixed in a kitchen sink.

10. Threads and ribbons

Storage of bobbins with threads and ribbons.

Telescopic rods can make excellent organizers for storing reels with thread, ribbons and other items for creativity. For convenience, place such hangers in a cabinet near the table or under its counter top.

11. The scene

Theater curtain in the nursery.

A thin cornice, fixed between two cabinets, will allow you to organize a mini-theater or an impromptu stage within the children's room.

12. Curtains

Table with curtains.

Bright decorative curtains will be a wonderful decoration of the old table. Thin inconspicuous cornices will help to fix them. Such a trick will not only refresh the appearance of an old piece of furniture, but also allow you to store a lot of things under the table.

13. Organizer for jewelry

A simple organizer for jewelry.

The telescopic bar, mounted on the cabinet door or in the middle of it, allows you to get a simple and at the same time brilliant organizer for jewelry.

14. Mount for covers

Lid storage.

A pair of small hooks and a thin cornice, mounted on the door of the kitchen cabinet, will provide you with a convenient storage system for covers from pots and pans.

15. The partition

Simple partition.

A beautiful partition made of two telescopic bars and a curtain will not allow children to leave the room.

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