16 tricks to help competently and beautifully design a small apartment

Design techniques that will help to beautifully design a small apartment.

There is an opinion that in a small-sized apartment it’s difficult to arrange everything so that it is both practical and pleasing to the eye. Many designers prefer to avoid orders if the square meters in the home are too small. Nevertheless, we have collected 16 tricks that will help you correctly and beautifully design a small apartment.

1. Transparent furniture

Furniture made of transparent glass and plastic.

Light and sun rays freely pass through transparent furniture, illuminating every corner of the room. In addition, unlike dark furniture, glass and plastic objects look elegant and almost weightless - what is needed to equip a small room.

2. Small details

Rules for using small parts.

Decor items are great, but when it comes to tiny spaces, they must be used with extreme caution. In small rooms it is better to limit yourself to a few paintings and a couple of photographs, leaving room for important and functional items. Small trinkets, such as scented candles, figurines and toys are best stored in cabinets. The abundance of such things will create a sense of chaos and disorder.

3. Open shelves

Open shelves and color schemes.

Open shelves help add volume to a small room and provide additional storage space. However, such a solution is only suitable for those who are able to maintain perfect order on them. Ideally, place on the shelves several trinkets of one bright shade, which will also be present in textile elements.

4. Light shades

The color scheme of the room.

Despite the mystery and intimacy that can be created with the help of dark shades, it is better for owners of small rooms to opt for light ones. White, beige and light gray wallpapers will help to visually enlarge the room, and in combination with furniture of the same colors will create a feeling of free space.

5. Plain furniture

Light monophonic furniture.

Remember, dark upholstery tones and patterns make furniture heavier, visually increasing its dimensions. Such furniture will create a feeling of congested space. For small rooms, it is better to choose laconic furniture with monophonic neutral upholstery. And so that the room does not look faceless and boring, add a few juicy details, such as brightly colored silk pillows or a soft plaid with a spectacular pattern.

6. Curtains

Curtains for a small room.

Leave heavy curtains, draperies and lambrequins for spacious rooms. In a small room it is better to limit yourself to light curtains, blinds or roll curtains. As for the cornice, it should also be as simple and weightless as possible.

7. Functional furniture

Functional and ergonomic furniture.

There are manufacturers who produce special multifunctional furniture designed to save space in small spaces. Folding tables, convertible sofas, extendable surfaces and other items will help to make even small housing comfortable and stylish.

8. Raised furniture

Furniture on the legs.

When choosing furniture in a small room, pay attention to models with legs. Furniture torn off the floor looks lighter and allows you to fill the room with air. The only negative is the trouble with cleaning. Under the chest of drawers and sofas, dust quickly accumulates, which must be cleaned regularly.

9. Mirrors

Large mirrors.

Despite the fact that cabinets with mirrored doors are gradually losing their popularity, they can play an important role in small rooms. A large mirror can double the space. In addition, a mirror opposite the window will reflect light, illuminating every corner of the room.

10. Strips

Strips on the walls.

Wallpaper with horizontal stripes will visually increase the area, and with vertical stripes will make the room taller. It is best to stay on light wallpapers with shiny stripes or print a couple of darker tones.

11. Floor and walls

The walls and floor are the same color.

To add space to the room will help the flooring of the same shade as the walls. Of course, a light coating will require high-quality cleaning, but the result is definitely worth it.

12. Shelves

Shelves from floor to ceiling.

Shelves from floor to ceiling - a tricky technique that not only helps to place a lot of things, but also visually raises the ceiling in a low room. In addition, such a trick will allow maximum use of the vertical space of the room.

13. Storeroom

Small pantry.

Even the presence of a tiny komorki can play into the hands of owners of tiny apartments. Just equip its walls with roof rails, shelves and organizers, and use them to store a variety of things, from seasonal clothes to food supplies.

14. Monochrome interior

Volumetric monochrome interior.

Decorating a room in different shades of the same color is another tricky technique for decorating a small room. It is best to opt for gray and its shades.

15. Moldings

Use of moldings.

With the help of moldings, you can expand the room and visually raise the ceiling. In addition, using moldings of different widths and combining shades, it will be possible to fill the room with volume.

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16. Functional details

Partition shelving

Owners of modest one-room apartments should pay attention to the shelving partitions. With their help, it will be possible not only to zone the space, but also to acquire an additional storage system.

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