10 of the most nostalgic, popular and worthless fashion trinkets

The most nostalgic, popular and useless fashion trinkets.

Trinkets, by definition, are an object that has no practical purpose. As a rule, they are sold as exclusive gifts or gizmos that are given for fun. The earliest written mention of a fashionable trinket belonged to the French mathematician Pierre Erigon. In the early 1600s, he invented the goblet, which allowed you to spy on people while drinking (using a mirror). And from that time it started!

1. Umbrella Hat

Fashion bauble: umbrella hat.

I wonder who could put this on his head. But at one time, these hats were popular and fashionable.

2. Dehydrated water

Fashionable bauble: dehydrated water.

This weird product was sold by Bernard Food Indrustries. Since the water was "dehydrated", it is not surprising that empty cans were sold.

3. Toffee hammers

Fashionable bauble: toffee hammers.

Apparently, they were intended to break tiles of toffee into smaller pieces. It remains only to guess where it was possible to buy such a huge tile of toffee.

4. The radio hat

Fashionable trinket: a radio hat.

Like an umbrella hat, it looks, at least, ridiculous. However, at least you could listen to your favorite tunes.

5. Groucho points

Fashion trinket: Groucho glasses.

Perhaps it was one of the most iconic and widely used fashion trinkets. Glasses with a nose and mustache first appeared on the market in the 1940s.

6. Plastic flamingos

Fashionable bauble: plastic flamingos.

Perhaps this is the most famous lawn decoration in the United States. These pink flamingos were developed in 1957 by Don Featherstone and became an icon of pop culture.

7. Mexican hopping beans

Fashion Bauble: Mexican Bouncing Beans.

This is the name of the seeds of the Sebastiania plant, which were affected by the larvae of a small moth. The beans actually jump when heated (even in the hand) as the larvae begin to contract. Needless to say, eating them is not worth it.

8. Garden Gnome

Fashion Bauble: Garden Gnome.

For the first time, a fashion for gnomes in red caps as a decoration for the garden arose in the 19th century in Germany. Since then, these little bearded gardeners have become a very popular trinket.

9. Squirmie

Fashionable Trinket: Squirmies.

They are also called magical worms. These small fluffy creatures have a thread for which you can pull and make the worm move, as if alive.

10. Lava lamp

Fashionable trinket: lava lamp.

This unusual decorative lamp was developed in 1963 by a British accountant. Since then, it has become an integral element of any room in college dormitories around the world.

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