Under the glass "cap": a house built around ancient ruins

House under a glass "cap."

In the vicinity of Vilnius (Lithuania) is an original country mansion. Its owner, a lover of antiquities, wished to get a house in which modern design would be combined with antiquity. As a result, the architects used the ruins of a brick building and covered it with a glass “cap”.
The architectural project of the Lithuanian bureau G.Natkevicius & Partners.

Bureau of Architecture G.Natkevicius & Partners embodied in reality a very original project. One Lithuanian banker and collector bought a plot of land in the vicinity Vilnius and wished to build a country house there. It is worth noting that on the acquired territory were the ruins of a small arms factory, which functioned several centuries ago. The architects decided not to demolish the ruins, but to make them part of the new house.
A country house built from the ruins of a gun factory and a glass structure.
Old brickwork at the base of a modern house.

In the brick building, restoration work was carried out. A staircase in the Art Nouveau style and concrete slabs were added to the second floor, and then the entire structure was covered with a glass “cap”. The total area was 327 square meters.
Kitchen in a house built by the architects of the bureau G.Natkevicius & Partners.

The house has three floors with living space, a garage for two cars and a Turkish bath. On the ground floor there is a kitchen and a living room with a dining room. Directly behind the old brickwork are children's rooms. On the second tier is the parent bedroom.
Private house in the vicinity of Vilnius.

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