18 epic conclusions found on the pages of school notebooks

Pearls from school notebooks.

When you sit at a school desk, a variety of thoughts come to mind. Sometimes there is a desire to take and write down a spontaneously arising idea somewhere. Sometimes it happens that this is the desk itself, and sometimes - a notebook. So in the new review were collected the most killer conclusions of children (and not only) made on the pages of school notebooks.

1. Ah, this young Don Juan

A connoisseur of beauty.

2. Such a sad life story of one hedgehog!

Sad story.

3. "It is clear who will like two lessons to stand in the water !?"

Sad physical education.

4. Quickly, you gave up!

Brought the baby.

5. Briefly about sore

From a personal diary.

6. "This is how we live! Not only is it on the verge of poverty, it’s also without skis!"

Beautifully written!

7. "Sonya do not be sad! Parents, like Motherland, do not choose!"

Dad is wrong!

8. This means that there are one lesser moose on the planet!

Criminal jargon.

9. "The main thing, of course, is that it drowns children!"

The best qualities of a raccoon.

10. Master of transliteration!


11. "Medical handwriting needs to be trained in advance!"


12. If grammar is bad, you have to take it with logic!

The original way out.

13. "Cruel, of course! But there is something in it!"

Smart and cruel.

14. So there it is!

Brilliant conclusion.

15. The answer of the future economist

The first association.

16. "Torment is an integral part of human life!"

Young philosopher.

17. "Yes, the kids are not the same!"

Developed child.

18. The epic proverb turned out ...

To all sayings a saying!

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