15 magnificent arbors that will transform any summer cottage

Magnificent arbors for the seasonal dacha.

In the new review, examples of gazebos for the garden and garden were collected, which can be implemented on your site in the coming season. Among the proposed options, you can find a gazebo for any color, taste and material. There are incredibly conservative options, as well as interesting and innovative examples.

1. Gazebo in the garden

Gazebo at the cottage for a complete outdoor recreation.

2. Wooden arbor for a personal plot

Gazebo near the pond for lovers of peace and tranquility.

3. Half-open gazebo

A simple type of semi-open gazebo for a summer cottage.

4. Summer arbor

Summer half-open gazebo for a country house.

5. Rotunda with a barbecue

Summer rotunda with a barbecue - an original solution for a suburban area.

6. Open wooden arbor

A nice solution for decorating an open wooden gazebo on a personal plot.

7. Small and comfortable house

Convenient indoor gazebo in nature in the form of a small house for a summer cottage.

8. Beauty and comfort

A comfortable wooden gazebo will create a nook in the garden.

9. Bright pavilion design

The modern design of the pavilion with bright green curtains for a summer cottage.

10. Place to relax

An interesting idea for a semi-open summerhouse, which will create a romantic atmosphere.

11. Polygonal arbor

Polygonal summerhouse with fireplace for the countryside.

12. Arbor with stone pillars

An open wooden arbor will become a cozy place to relax.

13. A cozy gazebo

Arbor with light romantic lighting, a barbecue complex and a fireplace.

14. Modern design of the gazebo

Modern open gazebo with white curtains by the pool.

15. Rustic style gazebo

Rustic-style gazebo for the countryside.

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