15 delightful dark interiors that prove home black is a great idea

Amazing interiors where dark color prevails.

Black color in the interior is one of the most controversial, so many do not risk using it to decorate living spaces. But this does not mean at all that black needs to be deleted from the interior palette. The main thing is its competent use. We share delightful black interiors that convincingly prove that black is a great solution for the home.

1. Red and black

Contrast pattern on a black background.

Red and black is a classic color duo that never goes out of style. But an overabundance of red can make the situation too defiant. Spot accents in this color effectively enliven the dark interior. In order to make the interior look complete, in addition to paintings, it also includes another element of red color - a patterned carpet.

2. Noble wall decoration

Black decorative panels in the interior.

Decorative panels for walls made of genuine or artificial leather look harmonious in almost any interior. The soft material from which they are made effectively softens the severity of black.

3. A chic duet with gold

Exquisite bedroom interior in black color.

Black with gold is a non-standard combination, which, despite its extravagance, is a universal means to make the interior luxurious. Against the darkest background, gold gains a noble shine and looks more restrained. Therefore, the interior is harmonious and does not go beyond the boundaries of good taste.

4. Shades of black

Black color is rich in shades.

In terms of a wide range of shades, black is not inferior to other colors at all. To make the dark interior deep, use a slightly black color of varying degrees of saturation and with a different undertone - for example, gray, brown, blue. Halftones make the monochrome interior more expressive.

5. Conciseness and maximum natural light

Laconic, but effective black interior.

A dark interior does not have to be dramatic and luxurious. Simpler options for the design of the space with the predominant black also look harmonious. And the abundance of natural light, freely penetrating through translucent curtains, makes the interior cozy and optimistic.

6. The luxury of complex textures

Black interior with loft style elements.

The dark interior will look truly luxurious due to the presence of complex textures - for example, fur, stone, brick. Against the background of dark color, they look even more expressive. The presence of complex textures also benefits black, becoming deeper.

7. Of the two most contrasting parts

Black and white interior that looks original.

Black and white interior will be appreciated by lovers of concise and restrained design of living spaces. The original solution is to divide the room into two parts. All interior elements in one of them are white and in the other black. Such a contrast looks more dynamic.

8. Personal art gallery

Many paintings enliven the black interior.

Bright paintings with abstract motifs that adorn the wall instantly transform the black interior. This way of revitalizing the dark space is one of the most democratic and affordable. After all, picturesque paintings can be replaced with posters or photographs.

9. Custom accent finish

The wall and ceiling are decorated with decorative panels.

The wall behind the head of the bed, the decoration of which is similar to the decoration of the ceiling, is a non-standard design move that transforms the dark interior. Black color becomes a suitable neutral background for noble decorative panels of golden color.

10. Minimalism with bright accents

Discreet interior in dark colors.

Simple geometry, prevailing gray, black and white colors - it seems that it can be more boring? But not in this interior, the monotony of which is successfully diluted with bright color accents.

11. Old styles in a new way

Extravagant pink and black interior.

Historical interior styles in small apartments may not look appropriate. But for those whom the similar design of standard living spaces still leaves indifferent, we recommend paying attention to non-standard color combinations. Even the most pathos of the interior, designed in unexpected colors, will look modern and democratic.

12. Dark color as background

Unusual dark interior of the apartment.

If you are a fan of bright colors, but fear that the interior will be overloaded with catchy details - make the floor, walls and ceiling dark. A neutral tone will soften the brightness of the details and combine them into a holistic interior composition.

13. Harmonious combination with warm colors

Black with brown and gold in the interior.

Brown and black - a combination that at first glance may seem dull and inharmonious. But this is not at all true. Golden interior details make such a color duo respectable and relaxing.

14. Attention to the walls

The walls and shelves are the same color.

In this interior, designers focused on wall decoration. The original and functional decor in the form of shelves merging with the surface of the walls transforms the living space.

15. Extravagant black ceiling

Cozy bedroom in dark colors.

The black ceiling is a non-standard solution for the interior, which under certain conditions looks more than spectacular. For example, the contrasting interior of the bedroom only benefits from such a strict upper frame.
Mirrors will be appropriate in any interior, including where black is dominant. Read more about this in article 13 of fresh ideas on how to add style and grace to the interior.


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