From station to kindergarten: 9 amazing buildings built around trees

Amazing structures built around trees.

Someone dreams of an apartment on the top floor of a skyscraper, someone of a modest (or not so) house in the country. But there are architectural projects that are really unexpected. Such as, for example, buildings that were built around trees. You can argue for a long time about the practicality of such structures, but one thing is certain - they are unusual and cause great interest.

1. Railway station

A train station built around a 700 year old tree.

Kayashima Japan Station in northeast Osaka is one of the most unusual train stations in all of Japan. And it is notable for the fact that right in the middle of the station a tree grows through a rectangular hole in its roof. This camphor tree is older than most surviving records, but officials believe it is at least 700 years old.
In 1910, when the Kayashima station was opened, a tree grew right next to it, offering travelers shade on hot days and shelter in the rain. This went on for 60 years, but due to population growth (and, accordingly, the number of passengers), the station had to be expanded. As a result, a new station was built around an ancient tree, so as not to touch it.

2. Library of Bourg-la-Rena

A library built around a centenary walnut.

A centenary walnut tree grows right in the middle of a library in the French town of Bourg-la-Rennes. The building, designed by Pascale Guedot, is surrounded by an old tree, which stands in the middle of the reading room. On the ground floor there is an open atrium, in which walnut grows. Right under his crown there are chairs on which you can sit "outdoors" and read a book.

3. Figueira Rubaiyat Restaurant

A restaurant built around a 100 year old fig tree.

Figueira Rubaiyat in São Paulo is a restaurant that was built around a giant 100 year old fig tree. Of course, in Brazil there are many large trees, but hardly anyone expects to find one from the bottom you should not expect to find one of this size in the city center. Naturally, the whole fig tree did not fit in the restaurant and ¾ of the tree rises above its roof.

4. Glass house

Glass house built around a whole tree.

When one of the clients asked the architect Aybek Almazov to make him a house for a relaxing holiday in the mountains of Kazakhstan, Almazov decided to create a fundamentally new type of "treehouse" (Treehouse). Instead of placing the house on the branches, he built a 4-story transparent structure that surrounds a tall pine. The walls of the four-story round building are made of glass, so it offers stunning views of the surrounding forests. Naturally, privacy in such a house is not enough, but the only neighbors are, perhaps, squirrels. The first floor is divided into a bathroom and kitchen, and the bed is on the second floor.

5. Kindergarten "Fuji"

Kindergarten built around a historic tree.

Fuji Kindergarten in the Japanese city of Tachikawa was built in the form of a ring around a tree with a legendary past. The tree, which is about 50 years old, was almost uprooted during the typhoon. Nevertheless, it miraculously came to life and again turned green. Before the school was built in 2007, the tree was a popular place among children who liked to climb on its branches. Now, for children's games around the tree, special platforms with ladders were made.

6. The road in the state of Parana

A road built around araucaria tree.

Araucaria is a symbol of the state of Parana in southern Brazil. When a road was built in the city of Patu Branca, they decided not to touch the tree, but to make a fork around it. Surprisingly, so far no one has crashed into this tree.

7. House of Alessandro Sartore

A house built around several trees.

Creating a home that is in harmony with the natural beauty of the surrounding nature is already a challenge in itself. But to build a house that includes nature, and not only harmonizes with it, is indeed a feat. This residence in Brazil, designed by architect Alessandro Sartore, was able to do just that, since it was created around growing trees.

8. Hillside House in Los Angeles

Hillside home in Los Angeles, built around a tree.

Anonymous Architects has developed a modern home in Los Angeles, the main purpose of which was to preserve as much of the surrounding natural features. One way to achieve this was to include in the construction of the house a tree growing on a hillside. Since the house itself is located on a slope, it is divided into two parts, one of which is lower than the other. In one of the bedrooms, the tree goes straight through the floor and ceiling, and then goes outside through the roof.

9. Sloppy Joe's Bar

A bar built around the "gallows tree."

Josie Russell opened Sloppy Joe's Bar on Rin Street in Key West, Florida in 1930. In 1938, when rent was raised one dollar a week, it moved to a more famous place on Duval. The new bar building had a long and eerie history dating back to the 1850s. Visitors always notice a large tree around which it actually built a bar, but not everyone knows the history of this tree. In the 1800s it was used to hang criminals (about 75 people were executed on its branches).

It remains to note that people always liked to build something unusual. What are they only worth 10 amazing underground temples that are amazing.

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