The most shocking and unsuccessful images that were presented at the Haute Couture Week in Paris

Unusual and shocking images of Fashion Week in Paris

Most recently, one of the most significant events in the fashion world ended in Paris. At High Fashion Week, designers from all over the world presented their best collections of the spring-summer 2016 season. Among the presented clothes were things worthy of attention, but not without shocking and unsuccessful images. We made a selection of the most striking design "mistakes" that were found even in such a famous brand as Christian dior.

Mouth on the forehead and cobwebs on the face

Outrageous makeup

French Fashion House Maison margiela surprises with its collections from the first day of its existence. Clothing manufactured under this brand causes mixed opinions. She is avant-garde, unusual and challenging to society. It became especially shocking after the notorious John Galliano.
From the spring-summer 2016 collection in real life there is not much that can be put on, except that these outfits will please the regular client of the Lady Gaga brand. But more attention was attracted not even by clothes, but by makeup, which was adorned on models. Spider web on the face, lips on the forehead and neck - make-up is not for modest girls!
Maison Margiela 2016

Fashionable Cubism

Viktor & Rolf 2016

Netherlands brand Viktor & Rolf surprised the audience no less than Maison margiela. Designers Victor Horsting and Rolf Søren inspired by the work of cubist artists. In new outfits Viktor & Rolf guessed the impact of work Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Georges Braque.
Fashion designers were so carried away by the art of their favorite artists that they completely forgot about the practicality of clothing. It is interesting to look at such things, but they are not suitable for everyday wear.
Creative image
Impractical clothes

Transparent nightie

After the famous Raf Simons left the post of creative director of the House Christian dior, brand collections have become less vibrant and interesting. The Dior design team is trying its best, but even the great ones have misses. A good example of this is a few unsuccessful look with translucent “dresses” that remotely resemble combinations or shapeless nightgowns. Such fashion experts from Home Christian dior they did not expect.
Unsuccessful outfits Christian Dior 2016

Hoodies and plastic

The Russian designer brought her collections to Paris Fashion Week Ulyana Sergeenko. In general, her collection turned out to be very feminine and fresh, but here there were some strange outfits. For example, against the background of others, a few look caught my eye. The first of them is a hoodie dress of a dirty pink hue, the second is a plastic corset in combination with light lace frills on the skirt.
Outfits from Ulyana Sergeenko

Watermelon Slices

French brand Alexis mabille decided to dress the models in watermelon slices. Funny prints looked rather unusual, especially on business-style clothes. Designer Alexis Mabill I decided to have some fun and approached the creation of a new collection with humor. Of course, not every business lady will decide to put on a suit with watermelons in the office.
Watermelon Slices Alexis Mabille

For those who want to look fashionable and stylish, worth exploring the trends of 2016, which few people still know about. There is something to see, and what to take note!

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