7 unusual pieces of furniture that everyone will like

Unusual furniture that everyone will like

An ordinary wardrobe or armchair does not surprise anyone today. That is why designers create incredible pieces of furniture that just take your breath away. The most unexpected fantasies become real, and the rack turns into a graphic snowflake, and the sofa becomes a copy of a racing retro car. We found 7 creative items that will change the idea of ​​modern furniture.

1. Brickwork

Fancy Armchairs

The brick wall, a hot trend of past seasons, inspired British designers to create an unusual collection of furniture. Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong approached the manufacture of armchairs, sofas and pouffes with humor. According to them, such furniture will arouse bewilderment and smile.
Brick effect sofa and pouf

2. Wigwam Bed

Wigwam Bed

Perhaps every kid plays Indians and dreams of his own wigwam. Belgian bureau designers Mathy by bols decided to realize children's desires and created cots in the form of funny Native American houses.
An interesting solution for the nursery
Unusual crib

3. Rack snowflake

Snowflake Rack

Outwardly, this unusual shelving resembles a snowflake, but in fact the Moroccan mosaic inspired the creation of such an interior item. Studio specialists developed laconic furniture Younes duret design. In their opinion, the rack can become an alternative storage system in a small size and a real art object in spacious apartments.
Stylish piece of furniture
Creative interior decoration

4. Sofa Colosseum

Sofa Colosseum

The next item was created by specialists of the Italian furniture company Tappezzeria rocchetti especially for connoisseurs of history and architectural monuments. It is a full-fledged miniature of the famous Colosseum, which to this day does not cease to amaze designers and ordinary inhabitants. The sofa was made by hand using elite varieties of wood, natural stone, as well as velvet for upholstery.
Colosseum Thumbnail
Handmade sofa by Italian craftsmen

5. Monte Carlo Casino

One of the most striking architectural monuments of Monaco - Monte Carlo Casino (Monte Carlo Casino). This building was designed by an architect. Charles Garnier, and opened its doors back in 1863. It was this building that inspired the designer David Armstrong-Jones to create this luxurious table. Nephew Queen Elizabeth known throughout the world as a skilled furniture craftsman. David used an American walnut to make an unusual piece of furniture, and made inserts from a plane tree and Belgian rosewood as a decor. The tabletop, it was decided to pull the dark red skin.
Monte Carlo Casino
Elegant handmade table
Fine work

6. Retro car

Designers from the studio LA Design Studio made the dream of many retro car lovers a reality, and made furniture that could decorate the interior of a true fan Carroll Shelby Cobra 427. This sports car was produced in a limited edition from 1961 to 1967 in the UK. "Cobra" had an attractive design and good technical characteristics. To this day, it is highly regarded among connoisseurs of classic racing cars.
Carroll Shelby Cobra 427
Sofa for real men

7. Atypical chair

Another piece of furniture for car retro design fans is the armchair The beetle armchair. Inspired to create a creative piece of furniture car Vw beetle 1968 release. Designers from ZAC Glamor Design decided to combine in one chair elements of the Baroque style and characteristic automotive parts. The result was a rather unusual and elegant piece of furniture that can decorate the space, both the classic interior and the space in the style of pop art.
VW Beetle 1968
Elegant armchair with an unusual design
A good example of creative design

Modern technologies allow designers to implement the most unexpected projects. To verify this, worth a look at amazing furniture printed on a 3D printer.

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