Do it yourself: affordable housing from an old trailer

A house remade from an old trailer.

Every year, the need of the population for affordable housing is increasingly felt. Everyone is trying to deal with this problem as best they can. An American enthusiast, for example, offers to remodel old worn trailers into cozy miniature houses.
A trailer house of 18.5 square meters. meters.

Ron rusnak from the state of Oregon (USA) he personally overhauled in his old trailer, turning it into a tiny cozy house.
Caravan with an area of ​​18.5 square meters. meters.
Mini living room.

At 18.5 square meters, the guy was able to arrange everything necessary for a comfortable stay. A small sofa with a brightly decorated wall can serve as a mini-living room. The berth is equipped in the loft from above. Everything is compact and functional.
Kitchen in the camper.

In the kitchen there was even enough space for full-size bedside tables with a width of 60 cm. The shower tray, given the size of the house, was able to make a width of 80 cm.
Shower combined with washbasin.

After finishing work, Ron appreciated his efforts, then added the cost of materials and, literally in three weeks, sold his house for $ 36,000.
It is always interesting to watch the reconstruction of a building. So soon on the banks of the Volga, instead of an old wooden log house, an energy-saving ultramodern mansion will appear.

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