20 incredible facts about planes that travelers need to know

The most incredible facts about airplanes.

Air crashes cause people much more fear than car accidents, although the latter happen much more often. Psychiatrists even have the special term "aerophobia" - the fear of flying on aircraft. But ceteris paribus, airplanes are the safest means of transportation. We collected for our readers the most incredible facts related to airplanes.

1. Air pollution affects flight safety

Carbon dioxide.

The more carbon dioxide is released into the air, the more incidents caused by turbulence can occur.

2. There is a man who ate a plane

Michelle Lotito.

For this entertainer, Michel Lotito took 2 years, during which he completely ate the Cessna 150 (including leather seats and tires).

3. Crocodile in a sports bag

Reptile in a bag.

One passenger tried to transport a crocodile in his gym bag. The reptiles managed to get out of the bag, after which the passengers, panicked, rushed into the cockpit. Management was lost and the plane crashed. This story was told by a few survivors.

4. Please speak English

The language of air travel is English.

There is an international language for air travel - English. All crew members operating on international flights must speak English.

5. Windshield at the price of BMW

The cost of the aircraft $ 234 - 266.5 million.

The windshield of a Boeing 747-400 cabin costs the same as a BMW car. And the price of the entire aircraft is $ 234 - 266.5 million.

6. Heinrich Kubi and Ellen Church

Ellen Church.

The first flight attendant (or rather, the steward) was a man named Heinrich Kubi in 1912. Women of this profession first appeared only in 1930 (it was Ellen Church).

7. Special diet

Pilots are forbidden to eat the same food.

Pilots are not allowed to eat the same food. This is to ensure that all pilots are not poisoned at the same time.

8. Aircraft can fly without pilots

The ban on passenger flights without pilot pilots.

Aircraft can really fly without pilots. Theoretically, modern technology allows this, but there is a ban on passenger flights without human pilots.

9.280 kilometers of wiring

Wiring Boeing 747.

Inside the usual Boeing 747 there are 240-280 kilometers of wiring. It is one of the largest aircraft in the world. It is capable of carrying 568 passengers.

10. The longest military aircraft

Military aircraft - S-5.

The longest military aircraft is the S-5, the length of which is comparable to a 6-story building. The smallest aircraft is the BD-5 Micro, its mass is only 162 kg.

11. Amelia Earhart

1st female pilot.

Amelia Earhart became the first female pilot to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean.

12. Bar Nunn

Former airport of Casper.

Bar Nunn is a city that was once an airport. In 1952, the former airport of the city of Casper was dismantled, after which the city was built on this site.

13. An-225 "Mriya"

Transport jet aircraft.

The largest aircraft in the world is the An-225 Mriya transport jet. In size, it is almost equal to the football field.

14. Taste of tomatoes in low pressure

The taste of tomato.

Most people prefer to drink tomato juice on board an airplane, even if they don’t usually dislike it. According to the study, under low pressure, the taste of tomatoes feels much sweeter.

15. The tail of the aircraft

It’s safer to sit in the tail of an airplane.

It’s safer to sit in the tail of the plane than in the front. At the same time, the chances of survival in the event of a catastrophe are 40% higher (in accordance with the data of Popular Mechanics).

16. Black box

A BS does not always survive a plane crash.

A black box does not always survive a plane crash. Sometimes when a plane crashes, it is crushed by its weight.

17. Passenger turnover - 96 million passengers a year.

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta.

Every day in the United States, approximately 30 thousand flights fly about two million people. The busiest in the world is Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta - its annual passenger turnover is 96 million passengers.

18. Oxygen mask

Only 15 minutes.

An oxygen mask will help for only 15 minutes. This time is enough for the aircraft to drop to a height at which you can breathe calmly.

19. 360 degree view

Sit, look, rejoice ...

Soon there will be a plane in which passengers will have a 360-degree view. Airbus is about to put this aircraft into operation in 2050.

20. It is prohibited to carry mercury on the sides.

Mercury is a threat to aluminum.

Mercury is prohibited on board aircraft. Even the smallest amount of mercury is a big threat to the aluminum from which airplanes are made.
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