A new generation outlet: convenient for adults, reliable for children

TheOUTlet socket.

An outlet is a thing that is in every residential, office and even industrial premises. On the one hand, it has long become a necessary and ordinary thing, and on the other, it is a constant source of discomfort. But these problems seem to be a thing of the past.
TheOUTlet is a mixture of a 220 Volt outlet and a surge protector.

In a modern house, there is such a huge number of all kinds of household appliances and gadgets that very often the sockets provided by the builders are not enough. Surge protectors may be the most obvious solution to this problem, but they most often become a source of additional problems in the areas of comfort and fire safety. Immediately all these problems can be solved by theOUTlet new generation sockets created by enthusiastic engineers. In fact, the novelty is a hybrid of a conventional 220 Volt outlet and a surge protector.
The outlet is a retractable surge protector.

theOUTlet, like a traditional outlet, is located on the wall, does not take up much space and does not pose a danger to others, in particular children. The main secret of theOUTlet is that the new outlet is a sort of “pull-out” surge protector. In normal mode, it is just a socket with two connections for two plugs. However, if there is a need for additional holes, the user can press a button on the rim of the structure. As a result of this simple manipulation, theOUTlet will "come out of the wall" at an angle by providing two free outlet connections. When the need for additional connectors disappears, the outlet slides back into the groove and clicks on the button.
You can open theOUTlet without disconnecting plugs that are already connected.

Installing theOUTlet socket is quick and easy. The entire installation procedure is not much different from installing any other, ordinary outlet. You can open theOUTlet without removing plugs that are already connected from the outlet. The only “but” - the existing cavity for the sliding part may require more space than there is in the wall by default. In this case, you will have to carry out a small expansion. For a person who is familiar with electrics, installation will take no more than 5 minutes.

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