10 fashion trends of 2015 that you already need to forget about

10 fashion trends of 2015 that you already need to forget about

The year 2016 has just begun, and the season for experiments is open. Fashion trends and things of the past year are already in the past. Real fashionistas have already cleaned their wardrobes and are ready for the new season.

10. Jeans


Denim clothing is always fashionable, but designers always come up with something new. A cute denim dress or pants should always be in the wardrobe, and in 2016 too, but you definitely have to refuse sets.

9. Extra Long Cardigans

Extra Long Cardigans

Long cardigans - no. If someone believes that such cardigans are always fashionable, then he is mistaken, and he needs the advice of a specialist in the field of fashion. If you have an elongated cardigan in your wardrobe, get rid of it, but rather burn it. In 2016, an extended cardigan is not fashionable to wear!

8. Manicure with a "negative space", that is, with an unpainted part of the nail plate

Negative Space Manicure

Pointed nails, dragon claws and negative space manicures are not fashionable in 2016. Manicure specialists in different countries are glad that they will not need to draw V-shaped patterns on the nails of clients with millimeter accuracy, and they will not have to spend a lot of effort on the formation of nails in the form of animal claws. All this remained in the past, in 2015.

7. Neon arrows on the eyelids

Neon arrows on the eyelids

In 2016, neon arrows for centuries - not fashionable! Such coloring can only be done on a masquerade.

6. Multi-colored hair ends

Multicolored hair ends

The multi-colored ends of the hair were fashionable for a short period of time. It is not worth reminding that colored crayons for coloring hair contain the entire periodic table and are toxic when they show off from the hair after drying, falling into the nose and mouth. To wash off colored chalk from hair is much more difficult than to apply. In addition, the bath will have to be washed, which is also quite exhausting. Therefore, coloring curls with colored crayons is not fashionable in 2016!

5. Micro Bikini

Micro bikini

This is not to say that micro-bikinis were widely worn in 2015, but the Internet was full of offers to purchase them. Micro-bikini with a narrow strip at the back and front, were not and will not be fashionable. Such underwear must be prohibited from an aesthetic and hygienic point of view. If you purchased them for personal adult games, this is your business, but in 2016 and generally such underwear is not fashionable!

4. Folk motifs in clothes

Folk motifs in clothes

Patterns of different nations of the world and clothes with cunning elements in ethnic style are a fashionable joke of 2015. Frankly, this style did not go further than the catwalks and was not in demand in stores.

3. Rainbow trend

Rainbow trend

A rainbow is fun, and the concept itself is laid-back, perhaps women put rainbow swimsuits on the beach, a light dress to run to the store around the corner. But in this outfit you can’t appear at any meeting. Leave the tale to the children!

2. Contouring


Continuing the theme of clowns. Most women cannot give up the habit of drawing contours while doing makeup. Not to mention the fact that such makeup takes a lot of time. And this does not include manicure, pedicure, eyebrow shaping, etc. It is not fashionable or practical!

1. Rats


2015 was unofficially recognized as the year of the rat. Perhaps many people find it funny to watch a rat pull a piece of pizza, perhaps a pizza rat costume was one of the most popular for celebrating a masquerade. But no animals, skins in 2016. It’s better to turn your attention to 7 fashion trends 2016 that you have not heard of.

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