Almost what I ordered: 17 terrible things ordered from China

Horrible things from China.

Those who at least once resorted to shopping on Chinese sites know firsthand the anticipation, then the expectation, then the excitement and the result that does not fit with any of the above. About unhappy buyers who received not what they paid for - today in our review.

1. Coat

You just need to stroke and it will be super!

2. Fur vest

"What kind of chic fur? Is that a cat?"

3. Men's jeans

I have never seen such original jeans.

4. Dress

Loose fit, short sleeve - everything as in the picture

5. Cocktail dress

In such a T-shirt you can do anything, for example, mop the floor.

6. Children's dress

Bows - a bonus from the Chinese.

7. Jumpsuit

Stylish diving suit.

8. Fur coat

But, because of this coat, not a single animal was definitely injured.

9. Swimsuit

"On the beach, I'll be a superstar!"

10. Sweatshirt with print

Even the owl is in shock ...

11. Fashionable color

Ah, what are you, the color of Marsala ...

12. Luxurious dress

Only the color is different!

13. Geometric print

Oh, squares, rhombuses - what's the difference !?

14. Slippers

Yeah, the images of animals from the Chinese are not too good ...

15. Summer dress

Even better than the picture!

16. Stylish outfit

Great dress, luxurious fabric and size fit perfectly!

17. Santa costume

"Are you sure it's a Santa Claus costume?"

And, of course, what was to be expected from people who do not stop at 15 harsh and merciless fashion masterpieces, almost haute couture?

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