"Hollow trunk": a shelter house for an overnight stay in nature

Le Tronc Creux - a shelter for an overnight stay in nature.

Near the city of Bordeaux (France) in the forest park area is an original design resembling a wooden cylinder. This is a special shelter house in which you can stay for the night, spending weekends in nature with the whole family or with friends.
The project of the studio Bruit du Frigo.

French architectural studio Fruit du frigo implemented a project to build a series of original dwellings located in the forested area near the city of Bordeaux (Bordeaux). These cylindrical structures called Le tronc creux ("Hollow trunk") are made of natural materials and really resemble a fallen tree.
Le Tronc Creux. Inside view.

When creating this home, architects were guided by the idea of ​​a temporary shelter located relatively close to the house. If desired, a group of friends or a family can decide to spend the night there, deciding to spend a weekend in nature.
Le Tronc Creux - a shelter for 9 people.

Le Tronc Creux is made of steel frame covered with boards. Thermal insulation is provided by a layer of recycled wood. There is enough space inside to accommodate 9 people. The cylinder has three single, three double beds, folding table and chairs. Through holes serve as windows.
Lodge for an overnight stay in nature.

There is no electricity or sewage in this house. There is a dry toilet nearby. You can spend the night in such a house for free, after only having booked the required day.
Wooden shelter located in a forested area.

You can spend the weekend by spending the night in a shelter, or you can bring it with you. Treeline Outdoors introduced car-tent.

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