10 vintage children's pedal cars

Vintage children's pedal cars.

There is probably no child dreaming of a car that he could ride as an adult. Having appeared, children's cars for a long time remained the prerogative of wealthy parents. Recently, an auction was held in which 70 children's pedal vintage cars were exhibited. We will talk about the most interesting models.

Shelby Super Snake Cobra Cards.

Shelby Super Snake Cobra.

One of the most unique auction lots in Scottsdale (USA) was cards Shelby Super Snake Cobrabuilt in half full size. The map was created by McLaren restorers and is equipped with a 150 cc engine, electric starter, leather interior, fully functional lighting, original Shelby appliances, as well as an opening hood and a passenger door. Cards sold for $ 28,750.

Cadillac toledo 1924

Cadillac Toledo 1924.

Restored pedal copy Cadillac toledo 1924 overall dimensions of 183x81x107 cm sold for $ 21,850.

Buick 1933

Buick 1933.

Miniature pedal car 1933 Buick, was restored by McLaren Classic Restoration and sold for $ 19,550. Buick has a spring suspension, nine working headlights and bulbs, a soft seat made of genuine ostrich leather and an engraved silver footrest.

Pioneer roadster 1939

Pioneer roadster 1939

Red pedal 1939 Pioneer Roadster 110x55x50 cm in size was restored by McLaren Classic Restoration and sold for $ 16 675.

937 Pierce Arrow

937 Pierce Arrow.

Steelcraft remanufactured pedal car with working lights is a replica 937 Pierce Arrowwas sold for $ 13,800.

1934 Lincoln

1934 Lincoln.

The 1934 Lincoln pedal, 132x71x61 cm in size, painted in corporate colors and equipped with all the appropriate accessories, went under the hammer for $ 13,800.


Fire truck Gendron.

The impressive fire engine of the 1930s New York Fire Service Gendron was made using chrome parts, a wooden staircase and even a real (albeit small) fire bell. Its cost was $ 13800.

Mercedes-Benz 300SL

Mercedes-Benz 300SL.

Convertible Mercedes-Benz 300SL is made in half full size (yes, and it was a children's toy). At the same time, it was equipped with an electric motor, soft interior, front and rear transmission, headlights and parking lights, as well as many others. This wonderful pedal copy was worth $ 11,500.

Austin seven racer

Austin Seven Racer.

A pedal copy of the famous OHV "Austin Seven" Racer is more than a toy. This is a unique engineering creation, skillfully made in the tradition of Austin. Any teenager would be just happy to sit in his driver's seat. The only thing left was to find $ 11500 for his parents.

Ferrari F2 Indy

Ferrari F2 Indy

This rebuilt pedal racing car Ferrari F2 Indy from the Italian toy maker Giordani was decorated with chrome details. Its cost is $ 11,500.

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