10 stupid but fun pet products

10 stupid pet products

Owners of cats and dogs love their pets very much and strive to give them the very best. The main thing in this desire is not to overdo it. After all, today you can buy a washing machine for animals, an electronic translator, and even sex toys. We have collected 10 of the most stupid pet products.

Dog washing machine

Dog washing machine.

French developers came up with a washing machine for dogs. Of course, this is great for the owner - no spray, no dirt, but how the dog feels in the washing machine can only be guessed.



This little thing is intended for responsible owners of dogs who care about a clean environment, but do not want to walk with a scoop for their pet.

Sex toys for dogs

Sex toys for dogs.

The developers of this unusual toy for adult dogs claim that it is not just a fun souvenir, but a device with a therapeutic effect. Doggie Lover Doll is a soft rubber toy with a silicone vagina. Included with an intimate toy for dogs is an intimate lubrication.

Dog Collar

PetsCell Collar - Call.

The PetsCell-Call collar assumes the ability to contact the four-legged pet over the telephone line, unless, of course, it can answer. The collar is equipped with a GPS transmitter, thanks to which you can track the location of the animal, a wireless camera and a call owner button. The person who found the lost animal by pressing this button, contacts his owner on a cell phone.

Stroller for a goldfish

Stroller for a goldfish.

A metalworker from Huddersfield made a mobile aquarium for his beloved goldfish. Now he can walk with her for a walk.

Dog treadmill

Dog treadmill

The PetZen DogTread treadmill allows you to provide your pet with physical activity in any weather. The developers of the device believe that it will extend the life of dogs, will keep them constantly in good shape and help curb excess energy.

Sauna for animals

Sauna for animals.

Friends FIR Life has developed the Fauna Sauna device, which is designed to give the animal warmth day and night. The device emits infrared rays that do not cause burns, unlike the sun.

Penthouse for pets

Penthouse for pets.

Korean manufacturer Autoelex has created a penthouse for pets and endowed it with impressive features. There is not much space in this dog house, but there are temperature control sensors, carbon and deodorizing filters, as well as containers for disinfecting substances.

Dog ladder

Ladder for dogs.

A dog ladder is a great way to help your pet climb onto a sofa or bed. The staircase is equipped with non-slip legs, so the safety of the pet is guaranteed.

Cat language translator

Cat language translator.

The Japanese invented a gadget that interprets cat meow into a smiley picture. Thanks to this device, according to its creators, you can always determine what kind of pet your mood is.
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