20 amazing Mexican-style living rooms

20 amazing Mexican-style living rooms

The Spanish colonial style is distinguished by the contrast between simple and massive designs and colorful ornaments. Most contemporary designs are replicas of what Mexican culture is, but they are incredibly interesting and beautiful anyway. We offer an overview of the stunning traditional-style living rooms.

1. House in Bethesda

House in Bethesda

A married couple of Larry and Warnetta Bakers moved to live in a house built in the 1980s and decided that he looked too boring and cold. Designer Debbie Winer helped them choose a color scheme and new furniture. As a result, a luxurious leather sofa, two armchairs from Slobproof and a chest turned into an interesting interior accent appeared in the living room.

2. House in Santa Barbara

House in Santa Barbara

Stunning interior designed by Lindsey Adams Construction Inc.

3. House in Dana Point, California

House in Dana Point, California

White walls became a wonderful backdrop for handmade furniture and sculptures demonstrating the hostess's passion. The earthy color palette, wooden furniture and Mexican tiles create a warm atmosphere in the living room.

4. House in Dessert Mountain

House in Dessert Mountain

The author of the project is designer Tom Mooney from Mooney Design Group, Inc. Simple, restrained, but warm and sweet.

5. House in Tampa, Florida

House in Tampa, Florida

Real Mexican style with a massive wooden door, which used to stand on one of the Mexican hacienda, a rattan chair, a leather sofa and a bright carpet.

6. Gassienda


White walls are the perfect backdrop for all layers of paint and texture. The ceiling with wooden beams, carpet, pillows remind of a real hacienda, but the chairs at the dining table in bright covers return to the present.

7. House in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

House in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

This is the home of two architects who moved to live in Mexico. Of course, bright colors amaze, but a special charm lies in a huge glass door with a metal frame.

8. House in Lakewood, Dallas

House in Lakewood, Dallas

The main emphasis is on a bright carpet and fireplace, tiled. The project was completed by MORE design + build.

9. House in Los Angeles

House in los angeles

An amazing example of an eclectic interior, a mix of traditional and ethnic elements. There are Tibetan flags, and the Persian carpet, and Mexican bedspreads.

10. House in Melbourne

House in Melbourne

Another example of an eclectic-style living room interior. A cactus standing against the wall is smiling. Bright pillows remind of Mexico.

11. Suite in New York

New York Suite

Carefully selected furniture is a mix of leather, woven fabric, wood and steel.

12. House in Palos Verde, PA

House in Palos Verde, PA

The living room in a modern Mexican style boasts a collection of paintings, interesting furniture and textiles.

13. House in Paradise Valley, Arizona

House in Paradise Valley, Arizona

Mexican-style living room interior by Wendy Black Rodgers Interiors. Perhaps one of the most amazing options.

14. House in Phoenix, Arizona

House in Phoenix, Arizona

Another example of design from specialists from Wendy Black Rodgers Interiors. The focus is on an ottoman made from an old carpet. Although everything pleases - the arrangement of furniture, and a combination of dark and light colors, neutral walls, Mexican-style decor.

15. House from the "Robb Report"

House from "Robb Report"

Amazing living room with traditional Mexican textiles and lamps.

16. House in Rockridge, Auckland

House in Rockridge, Auckland

To create the appropriate atmosphere throughout the house, carpets were used that, thanks to their color, perfectly hide all kinds of spots.

17. House in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

House in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The interior of the living room is an amazing attempt to combine bright colors in a modern interior, to teach people not to be afraid of orange and yellow colors.

18. Hacienda in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Hacienda in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Designer Chandler Prewitt, returning to his hometown, settled in a house built in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was a building in a classic southwestern style, known worldwide for its Saltillo floor tiles, bleached brick walls, massive ceiling beams and fireplaces. The main emphasis in the interior was made by the designer on the relaxation area by the fireplace.

19. House in Palos Verde, PA

House in Palos Verde, PA

Amazing interior is a union of Spanish elements and modern beach motifs. This is Phil Norman's first project from the Norman Design Group.

20. Villa on the island of St. Christopher

Villa on the island of St. Christopher

The project was carried out by specialists from Herlong and Associates Interiors.

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