17 small household tricks that solve big problems

Life hacks to make life easier.

Probably the authors of these household life hacks are highly practical and wise people. I just can’t believe that such original ideas could have crossed the mind of an ordinary person. Nevertheless, each of them is a great example of how a small household trick can help in solving a big problem.

1. Permanently disconnected wires can simply be looped

The wires tied together cannot disconnect from each other.

2. A cupcake maker will protect your clothes and hands from melting ice cream

A great way to enjoy ice cream and stay clean.

3. Clothespins from hangers can be reused

An interesting option for using clothespins from hangers.

4. You can lift the keyboard using the clamps

Clips as a keyboard stand.

5. A glass of water next to pizza in the microwave, will not allow food to dry out

Thanks to water, the crusts on the pizza will not dry out and remain as soft.

6. A regular clothespin will save your fingers from the hammer

Clamp the nail with a clothespin for finger safety.

7. An old tennis ball can become a convenient fixture and a stylish element of decor

A ball as a holder for keys, mail and napkins.

8. Photo of a friend with a borrowed thing, will not let you forget where what happened

The photograph will serve as proof when the time comes to return the borrowed.

9. From a cardboard sleeve from a toilet roll, you get a good sound amplifier for a smartphone

Original stand and sound amplifier.

10. During the repair of equipment, you can use a sheet of paper to neatly store small parts

Bend the sheet and store screws, cloves and other small parts in the resulting pockets.

11. A spring from an old handle worn on a wire will save it from kinks at the base

With a spring, the wire will no longer bend or break.

12. Conveniently light candles with spaghetti

Spaghetti is long enough and thanks to it, lighting a candle will no longer cause inconvenience.

13. Frozen grapes will be a great addition to a glass of wine

Frozen grapes are a great way to chill wine while preserving its taste.

14. Try adding ice cream to an empty but not licked chocolate paste can.

A way to enjoy delicious chocolate paste to the last drop.

15. Immediately a bunch of store bags conveniently carry with a carabiner

A carbine will help to carry several large bags or packages at once.

16. Eat the cupcakes correctly!

An unexpected way to eat delicious pastries.

17. You can iron the collar with a hair iron

A hair iron is also useful for ironing clothes.

In order for home life to cease to be a dull routine, it is enough to include your own creativity, after which many interesting ideas will immediately appear that will make your life more interesting and convenient. In our review - more 8 life hacks that can completely change your life, but about which not everyone knows.

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