15 ingenious household life hacks for a comfortable outdoor recreation

15 ingenious household life hacks for a comfortable outdoor recreation

Going out into the countryside can be much more comfortable if you use the useful life hacks from our review. Many of them are so simple and ingenious that it does not fit into the head, as you could live without this knowledge before. So, with great benefit for yourself, you can ...

1. Lay a soft puzzle mat for a comfortable stay in the tent

A multi-colored rug so that the tent is soft and warm.

2. Coat the can with paint glowing in the dark

Non-toxic colors glowing in the dark will make an awesome night light out of a simple can.

3. Bake bread in a tin can

Baked over a small open fire or in coals.

4. Put the matches in a plastic box

Matches in a plastic box with sandpaper pasted on it.

5. Turn an empty coffee can into a convenient container for storing toilet paper

Old coffee can for safe storage of toilet paper.

6. Make coffee bags using coffee filters and dental floss

Camping coffee bags that are easy to make at home.

7. Stick sticks with candles in the ground for romantic night gatherings

Candles to create a romantic atmosphere.

8. Cut disposable pieces of soap

Small pieces of soap cut with a knife.

9. Assemble a portable washing machine from a bucket and plunger

Original replacement of the washing machine during the trip.

10. Fold the charcoal into an egg carton

Cardboard container for the preservation of coal.

11. Make a pocket oil lamp from a small bottle

Wonderful pocket lamp from a bottle, oil and rope.

12. Stock up on ice in your camping refrigerator

Bottles of frozen water will cool the food, and later water can be drunk in them.

13. Make an emergency lamp out of a tin box, cardboard and wax

A small emergency lamp.

14. Add sage to the campfire to ward off mosquitoes

Sage will keep annoying insects aside.

15. Hang the washed dishes with hooks and a belt tightened around the tree trunk

A belt on a tree and several hooks are a great way to hang dishes while standing.

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