Designer Olaf Breuning painted the hillside in all the colors of the rainbow

Creativity Olaf Breuning

Ski resorts compete with each other in design, quality of service and the number of services offered. Each of them seeks to win the title of the best, and most importantly - the love of customers. The organizers of the resorts just don’t go to stand out from the rest: they organize fireworks, invite pop artists, famous chefs. Designer Olaf Breuning turned the snowy slope of Mount Gstaad (Switzerland) into a giant, colorful canvas.
Unusual hobby Olaf Breuning
Colorful hillside from Olaf Breuning
Hillside Drawings by Olaf Breuning

The designer used ordinary sledges as a brush. Instead of oil paints - a bunch of food coloring in different shades. In this case, the number and density of smears did not matter. The key to painting the hillside was to enjoy the process of Olaf Breuning and his assistants. After all, it’s one thing to just slide down a sled and quite another - when after you there is a colored trail in the snow, and the mountain begins to resemble a huge picture of an abstract artist.
Olaf breuning
Designer Olaf Breuning painted the hillside in all the colors of the rainbow
Colorful slope from Olaf Breuning

The organizers of other ski resorts immediately picked up the idea of ​​Olaf Breuning, but, according to critics, the slope of Mount Gstaad still remains the most spectacular of all. By the way, for fans of extreme winter attacks, inflatable snowshoes are useful, on which you can simply slide down the mountain and paint it in all the colors of the rainbow.

Watch the video: Inside the Artist's Studio: Olaf Bruening (December 2019).

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