Lamp "Jar RGB" by French designer Arik Levy

Model Jar RGB

If a person is in the clouds, he is advised to take off his pink glasses. And all because through the colored glass the world seems better, more beautiful and more cheerful. This feature is often used in his work Arik Levy. The most striking example is a unique lamp designed by the designer for the Czech company lasvit. For its production, Arik Levy uses colored Bohemian glass, which not only looks impressive as a ceiling, but also perfectly transmits light.
Jar RGB lamp
Jar RGB by Arik Levy
Lamp "Jar RGB" by French designer Arik Levy
French designer Arik Levy

Model "Jar RGB" is a cluster of several glass shades of different colors in shape resembling wine bottles. In total, 4 colors of shades are provided: white, red, yellow and blue, which the designer advises to combine with each other, achieving an optimal play of light. All parts of the lamp are cast manually. Each lamp is unique and is created to order. For the first time, the model was presented to the audience at Maison et Objet 2014 in a frame of mirrors that emphasized the play of light in colored shades. The designer himself advises complementing the "Jar RGB" with comfortable Confessional armchairs.

Watch the video: SML Movie: The Lamp! (December 2019).

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