Hang up lamp: the perfect travel lamp

Hang up lamp: the perfect travel lamp.

Solar luminaire concept Hang up lamp - A simple and ingenious solution for organizing lighting in camping conditions. To bring the flashlight into action, it is enough to turn it into a ring, connecting the ends at which the positive and negative poles are located. Thus, you can hang the lamp, fixing it around any object, you can anywhere.
Device Diagram Hang up lamp.

On a hike, in a campsite, in a country house, wherever an additional light source may be needed - Hang up lamp can do a good job. Firstly, this lamp is ergonomic and is powered by the sun. Secondly, it is really convenient to hang it in any situation: on a tree branch, on the tent frame, on the loop of a backpack - without additional fastenings.
The lantern is easy to hang in any environment without additional mounts.

Thirdly, it can easily be increased to the required sizes due to additional segments. Well and in the fourth it is very simple to transport. In a word, the lamp is a simple, intuitive device that makes life much easier.
To activate the Hang up lamp - just collapse it by connecting the positive and negative poles.

Perhaps Hang up lamp could face off with a durable long-life lamp, made in the image lanterns of english miners. In any case, as for the charging method, it would definitely have an advantage.

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