Unusual clothing responds to a change of mood ... aroma

Unusual clothes will tell about your feelings

Too shy to tell an object of sympathy about their feelings? Let it make smart dress “Smart Second Skin” from Jennifer tillotson (Jennifer Tillotson). Unusual clothing is able to respond to the slightest changes in the mood of its owner, exuding pleasant aromas (or, according to the designer, a whole "rainbow symphony of aromas"), including pheromones. As various emotional reactions occur, odors vary and create ever new bizarre combinations. So the perfume "for seduction" is already yesterday.

A unique dress (although it is rather underwear) was created as part of the Scentient Beings project, aimed at a detailed study of smells, their effects on the state of health and the emotional sphere. The efforts of designers and scientists are focused on the formation of a “healthier” approach to fashion with the help of multi-sensitive clothing (we have already written about unusual "responsive" dresses) The first brainchild of the project was the development of Jennifer Tillotson. “Smart Second Skin” is not just another useless curiosity: thanks to aromatherapy, it creates a comfortable psychological environment, helps to relax and can even ease depression. Or just tell the world about your feelings.
Unusual clothing “Smart Second Skin”

Transparent and weightless dress justifies the name "Second Skin". It functions according to the principle of the human body, which was reflected in the design: the fabric pattern not only resembles veins and blood vessels, but aromatic liquids really circulate in them. “Smart Second Skin” has its own electronic “nervous system” that responds to heart rate, heart rate and a number of other indicators. In accordance with their changes, the "nerve center" sends a signal to one or another part of the dress, aroma circulation is carried out there and clothing emits a smell.
Unusual clothing has its own circulatory system

“Scentient Beings” continues to develop responsive clothing. On the basis of “Smart Second Skin”, it is planned to create models in which not only deodorizing agents, but also liquids for insect bites or even medicines for asthmatics will circulate. In addition to unusual clothes, a pair of shoes is already being developed that can have a therapeutic effect when walking.

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