The 80 Port USB Hub: charge them all!

Panel with 80 USB slots

USB gadgets are now one of the most popular and affordable, you can find almost anything plugged in this way. But on a computer or laptop, there are usually few USB slots, and what if everything is busy? Japanese company Thanko offers a convenient solution - 80 USB slots on one panel
Panel with 80 USB slots

But alas, not everything is as rosy as we would like - the device can only be used as a charger for gadgets, that is, it can not be connected to a computer, and you will not be able to use 80 flash drives. But you can charge all the phones, headsets and other equipment at the same time.
The price of the panel is $ 165.

Watch the video: Unitek 96W 10-Port USB Charging Dock Hub : LGTV Review (December 2019).

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