Art du Temps: outlandish wall clocks at a wild price

Art du Temps. Code word clock

Something quite a while ago, designers did not pamper their attention with moneybags who like to furnish their mansions with chic and original furniture, lamps decorated with jewelry or, at worst, Swarovski crystals, bathrooms made of expensive wood and other inventions for the rich. But, finally, the one who can please the wealthy gentlemen appeared - design studio illi created a wall clock for true connoisseurs of time and money, because their price is more than $ 90,000. This strange miracle is called in French - Art du temps.

Why does the designer offer to lay out such a gigantic amount? Judge for yourself: this watch doesn’t look like a watch, it reminds me of a panel of incomprehensible purpose, laid out of small cubes. But just go closer to the panel and say the word "temps" (translated from French - "time"), as these cubes begin to move, move, and eventually open up the numbers, showing what time it is now.
Art du Temps. Futuristic watches for 90 thousand dollars

However, the author does not mention how to make the cubes return to their place, and for how long the time will be shown on the “screen”. But he happily reports that the company will accept orders for the manufacture of a futuristic new product in March 2011. Well, you already know the price of an exclusive gadget - more than $ 90 thousand for a wall toy. By the way, how it works will be seen in this video:

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