Where are the keys stored?

Mushroom hanger for keys

The keys are here, the keys are there, the keys are everywhere ... But as soon as we need them, the keys immediately disappear, and shouts are heard in the apartment: "Where are these damn keys ?!"

Of course, the situation is familiar to many, and very unpleasant, but it would be time to forget about it. Some nail carnations in the hallway, others special hooks, while others prefer to put keys on a shelf. But the same thing is repeated almost every day, and the keys always mysteriously disappear somewhere. The duo of designers Thomas Brinch-Møller and Jacob M. Lund believes that it is time to put an end to this whole thing. They created a funny little thing that looks more like a toy than such an important item - a key vault. The toy is like a mushroom, in which you need to weave keys. It itself is red or black in color, which makes it even more like a mushroom, and also has holes. Do not worry, the keys should fit into them absolutely any.
Mushroom hanger for keys

Someone considers that this is not a panacea for all ills, but it’s impossible not to notice such a thing on the wall, right? At least a couple of keys can be removed here. If you have a lot of them, then you can hang several mushrooms at once. It is hard to say whether this idea will appeal to many, but everyone has their own habits.
Mushroom hanger for keys

Designers: Thomas Brinch-Møller and Jacob M. Lund

Watch the video: TSA now searches inside parked cars at the airport, using keys stored by valet attendants (December 2019).

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